#SweaterWeather 101: The Real Reasons Why It's My Least Favorite Hashtag Of All Time

I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble, but if I could go through the rest of my days without seeing #SweaterWeather, I would be living my best life. I'm all for the rhyming — since Dr. Seuss books were my childhood mantra — but this hashtag is just not my cup of tea for a few reasons. Hear me out, autumn lovers. Let me explain why "sweater weather" is my least favorite hashtag of all time, and you can judge me for it later (or accept my wonky reasoning and move on).

I'm all for fall for the most part, and accepting the beautiful changes of the leaves outside. But I'd be lying if I said that I haven't seen an awesome picture of someone chilling in a pumpkin patch, scrolled down, saw the "sweater weather" hashtag as their caption, and almost didn't double-click. (I know, sort of petty.)

I don't mean to be salty, but the hashtag really just rubs me the wrong way. (Sort of like an itchy wool sweater, go figure.) I'm not asking you to agree with me by any means, because I'm sure you have plenty of dope pics you've paired this particular hashtag with. All I'm saying is my reasoning doesn't come unjustly, and I've listed all six bullet points for you.

It Means Fall Is Here, And My Sweet Summer Is Over

Yes, at first I'm a bit salty, because my beloved summer has evaded my grasp yet again, and I'm forced to immediately transition into fall (which just so happens to be the birthplace of #SweaterWeather). I guess it's more so guilty by association. (Sorry, not sorry.)

I Hate Sweaters With A Passion

I don't like the idea that I have to put on a sweater to go anywhere if I don't want to risk being uncomfortably cold or fall prey to gusts of wind. What's wrong with my shirt, Mother Nature? Seeing the hashtag simply reminds me of that one item of clothing I wish I never have to wear again.

The Hashtag Pops Up On My Feed Earlier And Earlier Every Year

If I'm sipping on an iced coffee, laying on my towel in the middle of a chill beach day, and I see sweater weather ANYTHING, I am pissed. It seems like it gets closer and closer every single year. Let summer live its best life before you swap out the tank tops for sweaters.

I Truly Can't Relate To This "Sweater Weather" You Speak Of

OK, you can call me bitter for this one. I'm a little jelly that people can wear only a sweater and face fall like it's nothing. I have short hair, and my body has conspired against me and decides to freeze at the slightest sign of cold temps. I can't even keep the refrigerator open too long when I'm browsing the shelves for leftovers. My hashtag would have to be: #SweaterScarfBeanieWoolSocksAndLongSleevesWeather. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I Don't Like Pumpkin Spice, But #SweaterWeather Makes Me Feel The FOMO When I Don't Buy It

Real talk: I feel peer pressured into buying pumpkin spice, solely from this hashtag. I do not like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, like ever, but when I see that hashtag and the cute pics that come along with it, I am in the line at my local coffee spot. Ugh, the struggles.

My Parents Ruined All Hope For Me To Like It

If either of my parents tries to hashtag anything, I am immediately shook. (So, yes, that means you, #SweaterWeather.) My mom said it one time — even the hashtag part — and I practically fainted. I also had on three sweaters in 68-degree weather, so that could have contributed to the dramatics as well.

All-in-all, my beef with the hashtag mostly has to do with how out of character it makes me feel. (Sweater weather, it's not you; it's me.)