Why People Cheat In Relationships, As Told By 15 People Who Have Done It


I'm not proud to admit this, but I used to be a pretty bad cheater. I've only been faithful in two of my long-term relationships. I know, I'm the worst. But I can honestly say I am reformed now. Not because I had some epiphany or because my former partners were terrible people (well some of them kind of were), but because I found someone that actually fits for me and the timing was right. If you've ever wondered why people cheat in relationships, I can tell you that while there are many "reasons," in my case, it really just came down to not being with the right person. This doesn't mean if someone has cheated on you that you aren't amazing; just that there was something off about the fit of that relationship. You deserve better, so don't settle for anything less.

Anyway, that's why I cheated. Please don't hate me too much. Like I said, I've changed! And while I know why I blew it in the past, I was curious what other shady folks had to say about why they stepped out on a partner. As usual, Reddit came through and there were several guys who were willing to share what made them cheat in past relationship. No surprise, the answer is: It's complicated.

Because They Weren’t Ready To Settle Down

- PJ_lyrics

- ClandestinePanda007

Because They Were Horny

- Kerplunk6

- roguetroll

- BucketBrand

Because They Wanted Out Of The Relationship

- Eldergoth

- serialcompression

Because They Want To Experience Something New

- JusCallMeCyn

- Final7C

- beretsandberettas

- Callate04

Because Their Needs Weren’t Being Met

- oithematt


- Zero1231111111111111

And Then There’s This Dude


Homie's got jokes.

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