The Difference Between Why Men And Women Cheat Is Actually Really Depressing

by Candice Jalili

I've been really big into re-watching That '70s Show lately.

The other day, I watched the episode where Jackie (Mila Kunis' character) cheats on Kelso (Ashton Kutcher's character). You see, Kelso cheated on Jackie plenty of times with plenty of ladies, but this was the first time Jackie had ever cheated on Kelso.

And, as opposed to going all the way with the guy she cheated with, like Kelso did with other girls, Jackie just kissed the guy she was cheating with.

Kelso got really upset and claimed Jackie's transgression was a way worse than his. Why? Well, he said it was because she was a girl, and girls cheat for deeper reasons than boys do. Obviously, this isn't the case. Cheating is pretty much always wrong.

And if you don't watch the show, it's important to note here that Kelso is an idiot. That's his entire role. He's just a big, hot, bumbling idiot.

But a new study by Superdrug Online Doctor of 2,000 Europeans and Americans finds Kelso might not have been that far off when it came to his theory about men and women cheating for different reasons.

Apparently, men and women really do have different reasons for cheating, and women's top reasoning is pretty freaking sad.

But, before we get into all that, let's talk a bit about what people think cheating even is.

What's cheating to most people?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know cheating is the ultimate act of betrayal against your partner.

But what specific acts count as cheating?

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Everybody almost unanimously agrees that vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse, and anal intercourse all absolutely count as cheating.

Closely followed by that are the acts of kissing, heavy petting, spooning, and cuddling.

The cheating line starts getting a little more blurry with "getting emotionally close" with someone. Almost 71 percent of American women agree that's cheating, while a much smaller 53 percent of men would say the same.

A similar discrepancy between men and women exists with whether or not sleeping in the same bed, hand-holding, and going out as friends are considered cheating. While 62.2 percent, 52.6 percent, and 43.5 percent of American women agree those activities count as cheating, respectively, only 51.2 percent, 46.4 percent, and 29.2 percent of American men feel the same way.

Who are people cheating with?

So, now that we know what's considered cheating, let's look into who it is people are doing these dirty acts with.

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If you're worried about that co-worker your bae's always raving about or the friend they're spending a little too much time with, the study says you might have a right to be.

The most common person both men (32.9 percent) and women (40.6 percent) cheat on their partners with is actually a friend.

And that's closely followed by a co-worker at second place, who 33.3 percent of women and 28.6 percent of men say they've cheated with.

Why are people cheating in the first place?

Now, for the good stuff. Why are men and women cheating? Is there a difference in their reasons?

Well, the study found there's actually a pretty big difference, ringing true to my boy Kelso's assertion.

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The most common reason for cheating for both European and American women is the same: Their partners weren't paying attention to them.

If you're a soulless sociopath who, for some reason, doesn't understand why this is so sad, let me break it down for you.

These women feel so emotionally abandoned and neglected by their partners that they end up turning to someone else to feel appreciated.

Meanwhile, European and American men both agree on the shallow reason they cheat: The other person was hot.

So, no, ladies. Odds are, it wasn't something you did to make your man cheat. He's just a pig.