You Might Get A Total Reality Check This Week, Thanks To Neptune In Retrograde

You know the drill: Everything is going well, your moods are under control, your stress levels are low, and then one day, you wake up with the unshakeable feeling that something is totally off. You don't know why and you also don't know how. However, it's undeniable that a shift in the air has taken place, and it's probable that a planet has gone into retrograde. When Neptune retrograde 2018 begins on June 18, the fantasies that you cling onto will be much harder to reach.

Although the term "retrograde" might be setting off alarms in your head, this one won't be anywhere near as difficult as other planetary retrogrades. Neptune is considered an outer planet, and therefore, it's not as detrimental when it goes into retrograde. In fact, Neptune is in retrograde around 40 percent of the time, so you already spend almost half of your life with this astrological phenomena underway.

While Neptune retrograde has its lessons to teach us, this one in particular won't be nearly as challenging as it normally is. As Neptune forms a grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter, this retrograde is gushing with fortunate energy, making its effects far more optimistic than usual. However, don't expect this retrograde to be easy either. Neptune rules over illusions, fantasies, dreams, and the subconscious. During its retrograde, prepare for its transformation to start from deep within.

Your Fantasies And Daydreams Will Dissipate

In astrology, Neptune is responsible for all the escapist fantasies that you engage in. Through Neptune, you're able to cope with the difficulties of life by entering a dreamworld where pain can't reach you. The truth is rarely ever easy to stomach. To dull truth's sharp edges, we often create an illusion that's far more kind to us. While these illusions save us from letting trauma affect us too deeply, they also make us oblivious to the negativity that we allow into our lives. They allow us to see things like toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, and unhealthy habits through rose-colored glasses.

When Neptune is in retrograde, those illusions are carefully destroyed, and you are left with nothing but the cold, hard truth. While facing the truth after avoiding it for so long is terrifying in and of itself, it's also brimming with opportunities for positive change. Since Neptune is forming a grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter, you might even feel inspired to do away with fantasies and seek growth instead.

Face The Truth Rather Than Run From It

To be stripped away from the fantasies that have protected you for so long could leave you feeling vulnerable and sensitive. It's important that during this time, you abstain from anything negative that drains your energy. You might try to fight the sobering effects of Neptune retrograde by drinking even more, delving even deeper into your poisonous relationships, and possibly even running away from reality altogether. However, fantasies are always temporary, and no matter how far away you run, you will eventually be forced to wake up from your dream.

Remember that the longer you avoid the truth, the harder it will be to face it. Instead of working even harder to look the other way, try looking at it dead on. Even if it may not seem like it at first, your truth contains the antidote to your pain. Fantasies are only a pain reliever. The truth, on the other hand, holds the cure.

Ground Your Spirit & Concentrate On Healing

Some of the revelations that float to the surface will rock your world. They'll push you to take action, and you may have to cut off toxic people, leave behind unfulfilling situations, and make a drastic change to your life. Leaving behind the past is one of the most difficult things you'll ever have to do. It can feel like severing an important part of yourself and watching your heart bleed out. However, these wounds will heal stronger than what was there before. Trust in the process.

If you need help getting through a trying transformation, you have every excuse to put your needs first and focus on healing. Engage in cleansing activities that reconnect you with Neptune's inner-realm, such as meditation, writing, yoga, or creating art. Surround yourself with people who love you or set aside some peaceful alone time. Do whatever your soul is asking of you. With a serendipitous grand trine forming between Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury, trust that only beauty will be found at the end of your journey.