Here's Why Colton Sent Caelynn Home After Hometown Dates

ABC/Josh Vertucci

It's been an intense season on The Bachelor, filled with lots of emotional ups and downs. Colton's had an especially hard time figuring out which of the ladies are actually on the show for the right reasons. Last week, Tayshia told him that Caelynn was more interested in being the next Bachelorette than being his wife. But, after Colton talked to Caelynn, she reassured him that she was falling in love with him and he gave her a rose. So then, what changed since last week and why does Colton send Caelynn home?

This week, Colton spent some time with Caelynn in her home town of Fredericksburg, VA. Caelynn gave Colton a sweet tour of her home town while riding a romantic horse-drawn carriage. While they joked over ice cream, Caelynn told the camera that she's in love with Colton and sees him as the one. They even bonded over their shared hope to start a family in the future. Caelynn told her sister, "I'm surprised more than anyone about how real my feelings are and how real all this is."

But, when Caelynn and Colton spoke to Caelynn's parents, they both had some serious conversations. Caelynn's mother told Colton that she wasn't sure either of them were ready for marriage, which may have planted some seeds of doubt for Colton. But, things still didn't feel exactly right for Colton, and he chose not to bring her to the Fantasy Suites next week. At the start of the Rose Ceremony, Colton said, "I feel like I need to follow my heart, like I have in every step of this journey. So that's what I'm going to do." Even though Caelynn saw a future with Colton, he couldn't match her feelings.

While Caelynn definitely won't end up with Colton, many fans are hopeful that this won't be the last they see of her. Tayshia had said that Caelynn was vying to be the next Bachelorette, but Caelynn said that she was only focused on Colton while she was on The Bachelor. Now that she's off The Bachelor, though, the possibility of her being the next Bachelorette is back on the table.

Caelynn would be a strong choice for Bachelorette since she already knows how to handle the spotlight thanks to her time competing for Miss USA in 2018. She also has used her platform to advocate for victims of sexual assault, and giving Caelynn an even larger platform on The Bachelorette would help bring the cause to the attention of more people.

Even though Caelynn has been sent home, her leaving means that Cassie still has a chance to win Colton's heart. Last week, Caelynn took a stand for her friend Cassie. She interrupted the group date to let Colton know why he should give Cassie his final rose of the night. The audience didn't get to see the conversation Caelynn and Colton had, but it was clear that Caelynn voiced her support for Cassie.

So at least Caelynn's consolation prize might be that she gets to see her friend Cassie win The Bachelor. And it might not be long before Caelynn is back on the TV screens of Bachelor Nation.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.