Science Says Over Half Of Women Have Received A D*ck Pic, Because No One Is Safe

by Candice Jalili
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So you and this dude matched on a dating app a couple of days ago. He didn't seem particularly murderer-ish in his pictures, and the banter was going pretty well, so you decided to give him the privilege of getting your phone number. He texts you an innocuous message, saying, "Hey, it's Mike from that dating app," and you continue the flirty banter for a few more hours. Things are going pretty fine as far as you're concerned, until he sends you a d*ck pic out of nowhere! Ew. You're revolted, and unfortunately, you're not alone. About one in four millennial guys send d*ck pics, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by YouGov, surveyed 2,302 millennials (men and women) to look into just how often women are receiving d*ck pics, how often men are sending them and whether or not the women receiving these pics actually asked for them, considering a ton of people seem to think it's totally OK to be sending them out like candy. The findings are pretty cringeworthy but not really that unbelievable, either.

How many guys send d*ck pics?

I know I said about one in four millennial men have sent d*ck pics, but unfortunately, I was rounding down. The exact percentage of men who have admitted to sending a d*ck pic is 27 percent. So, yeah, a lot of millennial men have snapped a pic of their junk and sent it out into the wild.

How many guys send unsolicited d*ck pics?

OK, so lots of guys out there are sending d*ck pics, sure, but let's not be so quick to hate on all of them. After all, d*ck pics are only problematic when they're unsolicited (read: the example I gave in the intro). If someone asks a guy for a d*ck pic, however, and that guy wants to send it, then by all means, GO FOR IT!

But alas, the study found that of the men sending d*ck pics, 24 percent of them are sending unsolicited nudes. On the bright side, a slightly larger 34 percent of them said a woman asked them to send it. So cheers to those dudes for not bombarding anyone with a nasty nude.

How many women have received d*ck pics?

If you thought 27 percent of men sending d*ck pics sounded like a lot, wait until you hear how many women are receiving the images on their phones. The study found that more than half of millennial women (53 percent) have received a d*ck pic at some point in their lives.

How many women have received unsolicited d*ck pics?

Now, as I mentioned earlier, not every d*ck pic is necessarily a bad thing! If every single one of the 53 percent of women who reported receiving d*ck pics at some point in their lives all also happened to want the d*ck pics that were sent to them, then it wouldn't be an issue at all!

The problem, of course, is that's not the case. Of the millennial women who reported that they had received d*ck pics, a little more than three out of four of them (78 percent, to be exact!) admitted that the images they received were not solicited.

So what's the bottomline here? Dudes, it's pretty simple. Unless someone specifically asks you to send them a picture of your junk, just assume they do not want the picture. And if they do not want the picture, it goes without saying that a pretty good idea would be to just not send it.

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