Why Do Guys Cheat? These Guys Explained The Real Reasons They Have Side Chicks

A partner's infidelity is devastating — and if you've never felt the urge to cheat, it can feel impossible to understand why someone would ever stray. Maybe you can even forgive one drunken mistake. But wrapping your head around an ongoing, long-term affair can be mind-boggling. There's not one simple reason why guys cheat; every situation is different.

If you're grappling with fears that your boyfriend might be seeing someone on the side, or you're newly single after dumping his cheating ass, you might want to understand how these five guys below rationalized their decisions.

I won't lie: These stories are brutal. They're not for the faint of heart. But since each guy wrote his story anonymously with throwaway accounts on Reddit, they all got pretty honest about what exactly ran through their mind as they cheated on their girlfriends, fiancées, and wives.

This guy had an affair with his girlfriend's sister Megan because Megan was staying at his house, wearing revealing clothing, and allegedly seducing him.


This guy had an affair to feel better after his career took a turn for the worse.


This guy had sex with another woman a second time because he figured, well, he's already done it once... what's one more time?


This guy strayed because he thinks "men are not inherently monogamous."


This stay-at-home dad is having an affair with one of the moms in his Mommy & Me group because he feels emasculated by his wife.


If you're reading this because you've recently been cheated on, here's my advice: It's time to binge-watch The Good Wife, in which Mr. Big (excuse me, Chris Noth) cheats on his lawyer-turned-stay-at-home-mom wife Alicia Florrick; that incident becomes the catalyst that rockets her to a high-powered career, political power, and a verrrry sexy relationship (or two) of her own. You got this, girl.

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