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Why Did TWICE's Jihyo & Kang Daniel Break Up? The Reason Will Bum You Out

After more than a year of dating, TWICE's Jihyo and Kang Daniel have unfortunately called it quits. The Korean news outlet Dispatch first reported the stars were dating in August 2019, and then their respective agencies — JYP Entertainment and Konnect Entertainment — confirmed their relationship shortly afterward, revealing they met through a mutual friend. Fans loved hearing that two of their favorite K-Pop idols were together, so now that it's officially over, they're wondering why TWICE's Jihyo and Kang Daniel broke up. Apparently, it had to due with their busy schedules.

Dispatch broke the news on Tuesday, Nov. 10. "[Jihyo and Daniel] were two busy for love," a source reportedly told the publication. "The two people have very clear goals. They haven't met each other as often, after they started working on their albums."

Following the report, Jihyo's agency, JYP, later released a statement, writing, "It is true that they broke up recently." However, the company didn't reveal the exact reason behind their split.

As you can imagine, fans of the couple were devastated to hear Jihyo and Daniel went their separate ways. Although they didn't get to see the stars interact publicly since Jihyo and Daniel have been super private about their relationship, the thought of them together was enough for fans to ship them.

"I'm actually sad that Daniel and Jihyo broke up like I was really rooting for them," one fan tweeted.

"jihyo and kang Daniel broke up? love isn't real y'all," another fan wrote.

Others are hoping they'll get back together one day. "I feel so sad for Kang Daniel & Jihyo, they really deserved each other but it turned out like this. Hopefully, they will find a way to make their relationship work again," someone else tweeted.

For now, fans can focus on their faves' music. Currently, Jihyo is busy promoting TWICE's second full-length album, Eyes Wide Open, which dropped on Oct. 26, as well as its lead single "I Can't Stop Me." Meanwhile, Daniel released his third EP, Magenta, on Aug. 3, and is already working on another record and hoping to do some collaborations.

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Fans promise to continue supporting Jihyo and Daniel in their individual careers.