Travis Scott

Fans Think Travis Scott May Have Deleted His IG Over His Halloween Costume

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's true. Travis Scott is officially off Instagram. When you search his name on the platform, his account is nowhere to be found. If you don't believe me, just open up the app yourself. Celebrities usually wipe their Instagrams clean to promote upcoming projects, but this is different because the rapper has complete disappeared from the site. If you're wondering why Travis Scott deleted his Instagram, it may be because of his last post.

On Oct. 31, Scott shared a video on Instagram revealing his 2020 Halloween costume was Batman. The clip showed the rapper walking toward his suit, but what fans saw wasn't what they pictured Batman to look like. The character is iconic, and everyone knows his classic colors are black and yellow, so Scott opting for a brown Batman costume left many confused. Fans trolled him so hard in the comments section.

Although his original post has obviously been deleted, the clip has been shared again on other pages, where people continue to make jokes about his costume missing the mark. "Why brown," "Costume suppose to be black 😂🤦🏽‍♂," and "This ain’t it, Batman is not brown" were just some of the brutal comments fans left.

Meanwhile, other fans actually liked the different take on the classic character. "But the chocolate suit tho😩🔥 does it for me!!!!" someone wrote. "Yeah he won no competition," another commented.

See Scott's Batman costume below. (BTW, he also matched his suit and car with his brown costume.)

The reactions to his costume were all over the place and the next day, Scott deleted his Instagram. Fans think it could be because of the criticism he received for his brown Batman suit.

Others have another theory: He could be planning on dropping music soon. Just a few weeks ago, Scott changed his IG bio from "Astroworld" to "Utopia," hinting it could be the title of his next album. "GOING TO GO COOK UP AND BUILD THESE WALLS FOR UTOPIA. SEE YOU GUYS SOON," the rapper tweeted on Oct. 5.

Fans are convinced Scott deleting his IG means Utopia is coming.

Here's hoping Scott returns to IG again and clears all this up once and for all.