Why dd RuPaul delete his Instagram and Twitter? ‘Drag Race’ fans are so confused over the move.

RuPaul Deleted His Whole Social Media Presence & Everyone Is So Confused Right Now

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

After taking a three-month hiatus from social media, RuPaul may be stepping away from the internet for good. On July 2, the 59-year-old host deleted his Twitter account and all of his Instagram posts, making fans question his possible motive behind the decision. They may not know exactly why RuPaul deleted his Instagram and Twitter, but they have their theories. If you're stumped about the move, you need to check out what fans are saying.

Usually, whenever a celebrity wipes their social media clean, it means one of two things: they were either hacked or they're teasing a big project on the horizon. For example, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and A$AP Rocky all removed their IG posts in order to tease upcoming projects. It worked to get fans talking about what was coming soon, and the result was always something big, like a new album or movie.

When it comes to RuPaul, however, fans aren't so sure he's teasing a new project because he's been gradually pulling away from social media since March. During his three-month hiatus, RuPaul received criticism for not speaking up about the Black Lives Matter movement, especially when several Drag Race stars came together to release a video bringing awareness to the cause and he wasn't in it.

Now, after months of no social media action, fans noticed a few of his Instagram pictures were gone on Wednesday, July 1. Some of his followers thought a hacker deleted them, while others believed the host did it intentionally.

A day later, all of RuPaul's Instagram pictures were deleted, although his page still remains. The same can't be said for his Twitter, which has been completely removed. Fans have a few theories about what could have sparked the decision, like RuPaul wanting to take a longer social media break or him trying to avoid further backlash from fans.

Since the reason could really be anything, fans don't know what to believe.

To get their answer, it looks like they'll just have to wait until RuPaul says something himself.