'Riverdale' fans were wondering why Jellybean became the auteur and made those videotapes in Season ...

'Riverdale' Finally Revealed The Auteur's Identity & It Was A VERY Dark Twist

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The camera was finally turned on the auteur in Riverdale's latest episode, and the mysterious videographer's identity was a total plot twist. After the town was terrorized by a string of unnerving home movies throughout Season 4 and into Season 5, the second episode of the new season finally provided an answer to the mystery. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 5, Episode 2, "The Preppy Murders." It turned out, the auteur's identity wasn't as strange as their motive, which was revealed when Jughead explained why Jellybean made those videotapes on Riverdale. For such a devious scheme, Jellybean's reasoning was surprisingly sweet.

Bizarre videotapes have been plaguing everyone in Riverdale since the start of Season 4. Now, since the show is preparing for its seven-year time jump after the first three episodes of Season 5, fans had been looking forward to the enigma wrapping up. As it turned out, the auteur mystery actually had two big reveals: Charles has been killing people and Jellybean has been making the tapes.

Those characters were at the center of the two biggest fan theories about the videotapes, so it wasn't the biggest surprise for hardcore Riverdale fans to learn these truths. But was is kind of surprising is that the half-siblings weren't working together. Charles admitted to killing Bret, Joan, and David, but he said he was not the one behind the tapes. It didn't take Jughead too long after that to realize Jellybean was the only person with enough access to have made those movies. After very little questioning, JB owned up to being the auteur.

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But why would Jughead's sweet little sister make all those terrifying videos? Apparently, it was because she just loved Jughead so much. Jellybean claimed she made the tapes to try to keep Jughead home from Stonewall Prep, knowing he wouldn't be able to resist a good mystery. Honestly, it seems like a lot of trouble (and incredibly macabre) for such a simple sibling's show of love, but I guess in Riverdale world, nothing says "I miss you" like creepy murder movies that recreate all your friends' recent traumas.

The big reveal exposed a twisted, dark side to Jellybean. But it doesn't seem like the show is going to explore that too much, as the whole auteur mystery went away with Jellybean's teary "I'm sorry" and an instant hug from F.P. With that case closed, the Core Four can look forward to a totally normal and murder-free graduation next week, right? JK, obv.

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