Bibiana's Reason For Giving Colton A Rose On 'Paradise' Has Bachelor Nation Shook

ABC/Paul Hebert

On Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation prepared to potentially say goodbye to Colton. After a day of drama surrounding Tia... one rose was left. Colton was on the chopping block, since Tia gave hers to Chris in an effort to move on. Then, it was Bibi's turn. In a twist of events, she decided to throw the football player a rose, leaving viewers wondering, why did Bibiana pick Colton on Bachelor in Paradise? The fan-fave shocked everyone with her choice to keep him in the game. Drop the mic, indeed.

Let's just say that Colton had a tough time on this installment of BiP (otherwise known as the saga of Colton and Tia). One way to throw an emotional wrench in a guy's already complicated relationship situation? Bring back the woman who just broke his heart! When Becca Kufrin showed up in Mexico, she and Tia took to the beach for a state-of-the-BiP-union chat, which caused Colton to break down. This was all after he and Tia ended up in a heated discussion about whether he was ready to commit to her. Spoiler alert: He's not quite there.

"I really don't know what I want right now," he admitted to Tia, explaining that he just invested time in a romance that didn't work out.

"I'm not your first choice, I don't want to be your second choice," Tia clapped back. She also held this supposed notion over his head: "Nobody else wants to give you a rose."

But that wasn't exactly true...

Bibiana stepped in to the rescue in the last possible second! Wills, Nick, and Colton were the final three guys without roses at the tense ceremony and in a surprising turn of events, she picked Colton to stick around.

"Bibiana just birthed a big upset in Paradise," Jordan observed.

So, why did she of all people, give Colton the chance to continue his Paradise journey when she does not appear to be romantically into him?

"Standing up there waiting for everyone to decide, I was like, you know what, this is who I want to give the rose to," she clarified, when pressed by Astrid on why she threw such a "curveball."

Perhaps Bibi recognized that Colton deserved a shot to look for love, despite his history with Tia. She just wanted to have her bro's back!

"I'm not Tia's Colton. I'm not Becca's Colton. I'm Colton's Colton. And I'm here to enjoy Paradise, baby," Colton declared, seemingly ready to get past the Tia drama.

Although something tells me their story is far from over... because by the end of the episode he was completely distraught and on the verge of leaving.

Bibi might be Colton's bro, but she also seems to be pals with Tia. She even weighed in on their rollercoaster of a reunion with some behind-the-scenes insight in a blog for InStyle after last week's premiere:

Quick rewind to before Paradise: Tia actually called me to fill me in on her situation with Colton. Already so much drama and we weren't even in Mexico yet. In case you’re wondering, NO you aren't the only ones who are annoyed with the Tia/Colton thing. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I sure as hell was relieved when he asked her on that date.

Next rose ceremony, the men are the ones in charge. Will someone pull a Bibi and make a surprise save? Bachelor in Paradise returns on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.