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The Rumored Reason Addison Rae Briefly Deleted Her Twitter Is So, So Sad

Matt Winkelmeyer/KCA2021/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Addison Rae is back on her Twitter game. While nothing would be as shocking as Rae getting rid of her TikTok account, fans were taken by surprise when the social media star ditched her Twitter account on April 12. Now, it seems like she's back on the platform and fans seem to know why she took a small break. The rumored reason why Addison Rae deactivated her Twitter for a few days makes sense.

The timing of Rae's decision to take a break from Twitter coincided with a slew of false death rumors that had been circulating, so fans assumed that was why she needed some time off. Rumors that she had passed away started swirling earlier that same week, and after the misinformed hashtag “#RIPAddisonRae" spread across Twitter, it made sense Rae would want to spend some time away from the negativity on the platform.

It's tough to tell where the false rumors originally stemmed from, but some fans claimed it came from a small number of Twitter users who were trying to get more views on their fancams. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like Rae is too shaken up by the ordeal. "I don’t have enough time to hate, love y’all," she tweeted on April 14 after her return to Twitter.

Fans co-signed her message, and sent her lots of love after the death rumor fiasco. "I'm so sorry for the hate that people give to u :( u don’t deserve my angel," one person tweeted.

"I love your attitude towards hate, I just wish everyone would do the same," another fan wrote.

"You are so amazing, you don't deserve to go through this," yet another supportive fan tweeted. "Just one thing: it will pass! you have people who love you and support you with all their heart."

Rae has spoken out in the past about how detrimental social media can be to mental health. In July 2020, she took a short break from Instagram and TikTok and later explained it was necessary to clear her head.

"I was just taking a break just for a little bit," she told Celebrity Livin. "On social media sometimes a lot of things can get to your head. It's important to have a mental break."

It's so great to see Rae doing what's best for herself on the mental health front, and cheers to everyone else on social media doing the same.