Randall, Kevin, and Tess on This Is Us

'This Is Us' Fans Are All Asking The Same Question About Kevin & Randall

by Ani Bundel

Going into the fall finale of This Is Us, fans thought they had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Uncle Nicky would struggle upon seeing all the family photos of Jack's life. Beth would feel threatened by Deja and Shauna's relationship. Kate and Toby would be teetering on a knife's edge with their marriage. (Kate speaks for me when she said, "I hate Crossfit Toby." Girl, preach.) But the show still had a twist and a half when it flash-forwarded to reveal that a mere 9 months after Thanksgiving Kevin and Randall aren't speaking on This Is Us. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

It was a brilliant bit of misdirection. At this point Rebecca is in denial over her slowly advancing memory loss. After her fight with Randall last week, she decides she cannot spend the day in the house and announces she's going to get dressed. She's going to see a movie, pick up a pie, and would be back in time for dinner.

Dressed in a lovely pink something-or-other, Rebecca floats about the city. At one point, she mistakes a young man for a 1980s version of Randall's father, William. Rebecca goes to the supermarket but fails to buy anything from the bakery as planned; instead, she get flowers (and loses her phone). She goes and eats Chinese food because she's hungry, only to meltdown when she discovers her phone is gone.

The cops come and take her home. But to everyone's shock, they don't go to Randall's townhouse.

What fans don't know is Rebecca didn't put on a pink flowing thing today. Rebecca is wearing a turtleneck, as viewers discover when she gets back from the movie, just like she said. (It was The Irishman, and yes, it is three and a half hours.)


The other Rebecca is nine months in the future. She's not here for Thanksgiving, but Kevin and Kate's 40th birthday celebration. Miguel is there, Kevin's pregnant fiancée (!!!) is there. But Randall and Beth are missing. When Rebecca asks when they're coming, Kevin gently reminds her they're not. "We're not speaking, remember?"

It's a shocker of a revelation. Nine months earlier, he and Randall were thick as thieves. What happened?

Fans don't know, but it's not hard to guess. When Kevin and Kate asked after Rebecca, Randall didn't tell them the truth. He didn't share his concerns about her memory. Randall thinks he's doing the right thing, keeping it quiet, as she asked him to. It's a good bet he's not going to tell them about her doctor's trip either.

But secrets don't stay that way. It's a pretty good bet that when Kevin and Kate find out Randall kept this from them, they'll "twin up" against him and cut him out of their lives.