Cassie Shore In 'Tiny Pretty Things'

The Big Mystery In 'Tiny Pretty Things' Is Even More Complicated Than You Think


While ballet is a major component in Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things, the nonstop drama definitely takes center stage. The new series, which dropped on Netflix on Dec. 14, is full of overlapping plots, dazzling dance performances, steamy sex scenes, and a whole lot of mystery. And the biggest question for viewers watching the series revolves around Cassie Shore. So, who pushed the Tiny Pretty Things dancer? The culprit is someone you probably never would have guessed.

The series, which was adapted from the 2016 novel of the same name by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra, follows a group of dancers at an elite ballet school in Chicago. As they perfect their leaps and pirouettes, they're also battling it out to become prima ballerina by any means necessary. Case in point: Cassie Shore. The series starts with the school's star student being pushed off a high rise building by a strange, hooded figure.

Warning: Spoilers for the Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 finale follow. As the 10-episode first season unfolds, a variety of students and staff members seem like possible suspects. Since Cassie was the most prominent dancer at the school, lots of people had motive to want her gone. From her protective boyfriend Nabil (Michael Hsu Rosen) to her jealous classmate Bette (Casimere Jollette), it's a classic whodunit, but with more tutus. And like any good mystery, the actual villain is the person you'd least expect.

Sophie Giraud/Netflix

For a while, Bette appeared to be the most likely suspect. Coming from an intense dance family in the shadow of her older sister, Delia (Tory Trowbridge), Bette struggled with the fact that she didn't have the talent her sister did. Watching Delia become principal dancer made Bette even more frantic. Between taking unprescribed pain medication to dance with an injury to propositioning her choreographer for a threesome, she made it clear she would do anything to get ahead. After months of being in a drug-induced haze, Bette herself wasn't even sure whether she was innocent or guilty.

That's why it was so shocking when Episode 10 revealed it wasn't Bette who pushed Cassie, but rather, her perfect sister Delia. After learning her boyfriend and renowned choreographer, Ramon Costa, was sleeping with Cassie, Delia was overcome with rage. Add to the fact that Cassie was younger (which is everything in the dance world), Delia felt like she was going to quickly be replaced. When she went to the roof to confront Cassie, the two fought and Delia accidentally pushed her over the edge.

The season ends with Bette being blamed for her sister's crime and her family wanting her to take the fall. Whether she goes along with the elaborate plan to save her family or she risks it all and tells the truth, fans will just have to hope for a Season 2 to get all the answers.

Tiny Pretty Things is on Netflix now.