The 'Tiny Pretty Things' trailer is packed with ballerina drama.

Netflix's New Dance Drama Is Basically 'Black Swan' Meets 'Gossip Girl'


The high-stress world of ballet has given audiences a ton of thrilling movies and TV shows, but Netflix's latest offering is taking the drama a step further with a twisted mystery. The first trailer for Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things will have viewers on the edge of their seats as a young ballerina finds herself embroiled in a shady conspiracy. So lace up for a wild ride, because Tiny Pretty Things is primed to take you on one.

The upcoming series is adapted from the 2016 novel of the same name by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra. The show will bring the book's elite ballet school to life, following the complicated relationships between the talented dancers (and teachers, and choreographers, and parents) who share a sense of community but don't hesitate to go to extreme and dangerous lengths to achieve their dreams.

Basically, if you can't get enough of teen dramas with a dark, mysterious tone (and a stunning cast), it sounds like Tiny Pretty Things will be your next Netflix marathon-watch. The high-stakes ballerina show is coming to the streamer soon, but if you can't wait to dive into the scandal, check out the first look at the series and everything fans know about it so far:

Tiny Pretty Things Trailer

Netflix dropped the first look at Tiny Pretty Things on Monday, Nov. 16, and it's absolutely packed with foreboding secrets. The trailer introduces fans to the show's protagonist: a determined dancer named Neveah (Kylie Jefferson). Neveah is the new kid at the prestigious Archer School of Ballet, but the circumstances around how she earned her spot are super shady. The trailer suggests another ballerina was killed right before Neveah arrived, and everyone at Archer is a suspect.

Tiny Pretty Things Release Date

The new series will debut on Netflix on Monday, Dec. 14. The first season will consist of 10 hourlong episodes.

Tiny Pretty Things Plot

While the show will adapt the novel's overall tone of dark secrets at a conniving ballet school, fans can expect some of the plot details to change from page to screen. For one thing, the Netflix series will be set in Chicago, a shift from the book's Manhattan setting. Also, the novel's main character Giselle is renamed to Neveah in the show, although it appears they will have similar qualities.

Get ready to lose yourself in the deadly drama of elite ballet when Tiny Pretty Things pirouettes onto Netflix on Dec. 14.