Charlie Plummer plays Miles "Pudge" Halter in 'Looking For Alaska'

Here's Everything We Know About The Guy Who Plays Miles In 'Looking For Alaska'

by Dylan Kickham

Once Hulu announced a television adaptation of Looking for Alaska, everyone who grew up with the beloved YA novel had the same reaction: Finally! Many of John Green's books had already received big-screen love with hit movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, but his first novel (and one of the biggest fan-favorites) had remained untouched by studios. While fans rejoiced at the 2005 book finally getting an adaptation, another major question loomed large over the new miniseries: Who plays Miles in Looking for Alaska? After all, every reader probably had their own idea of what Miles should look like. Thankfully, the new series did a great job in casting, because Charlie Plummer is the perfect Pudge.

If you have already started watching Hulu's Looking for Alaska miniseries (or have already marathoned your way through all eight episodes), then you know Plummer fully embodied the character of Miles "Pudge" Halter from the Looking for Alaska book. Physically, he fits the description of a tall, lanky teenager, which is necessary for his ironic nickname of Pudge to make any sense, and emotionally, Plummer taps into Miles' socially awkward but well-meaning charm with ease.

Many Looking for Alaska fans went into the new miniseries unfamiliar with Plummer, so if you are one of the many fans hoping to find out more about this rising young star, then look no further. Let's go over some of the most interesting details about Plummer, his life, and his acting career.

1. Acting is in his blood.

Charlie Plummer began acting at a young age, scoring his first film role in 2010 when he was just 11. Plummer is the son of a theatre actor and a writer and producer within the theatre world, so he was introduced to acting very early. He was born and raised in New York, where he acted in local plays and musicals before pursuing an on-screen acting career.

2. He's no stranger to love.

Plummer has been connected to singer and songwriter Samia Finnerty for several years now, although it is not clear if the couple is still together these days. Plummer's Instagram was full of pics of him and his girlfriend throughout 2018, and in a 2018 interview with Another Man magazine, he confirmed he had been dating Finnerty for two years up to that point. Finnerty herself has some famous connections — she is the daughter of actress Kathy Najimy and comedian Dan Finnerty.

3. He almost played Spider-Man.

Back in 2015, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe had officially introduced its new version of Peter Parker, Plummer was actually one of the top choices to suit up as the iconic web-slinger for Captain America: Civil War and all the subsequent Marvel movies. Plummer opened up about how "heartbreaking" it was to miss out on that role in an interview with Total Film magazine, revealing that the decision had come down to himself and Tom Holland.

4. He's been described as the new Leonardo DiCaprio.

Plummer scored one of his biggest movie roles ever back in 2017 as a star in Ridley Scott's crime thriller All the Money in the World. That role also earned him a very impressive compliment, as Scott admitted that Plummer reminded him of a young Leonardo DiCaprio in an interview with The Sunday Times.

5. He begged to work on the Joker set.

It is definitely out of the ordinary for a rising young actor to ask for a part behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera... especially when the job basically just entails fetching coffee. But despite Plummer's success, he revealed to GQ that he begged for a P.A. position on the Joker set while the buzzy movie was filming in 2018. “Joaquin Phoenix is my favorite actor working today, and he's playing my favorite character in all of pop culture, and it's shooting in the city that I live in. How could I not be there?" Plummer reasoned. He wound up getting passed over for the job, though. Luckily, the same could not be said for his gig on Looking for Alaska.