The end of 'Sweet Magnolias' was intense

We Need To Talk About That Wild 'Sweet Magnolias' Season 1 Finale Ending


Cliffhangers at the end of season finales are pretty standard, but some just hit harder than others. That is particularly the case with Sweet Magnolias, which fans originally thought was a chill, low-stakes watch, but turned out to have a ton of drama by the end. The tension culimated in the Season 1 finale, when Kyle Townsend (Logan Allen) got into a car crash... but he wasn't the only one in the vehicle. As fans wait for news about a Season 2, the question remains: Who is the unnamed passenger in Sweet Magnolias?

To get an idea of who could be in the car with Kyle, fans are taking clues from his storyline from the season, as well as what happened that night leading up to the accident. Because he was grounded on prom night, he originally made plans with Annie (Anneliese Judge) to hang out. However, she ended up going to prom, and Kyle spent the evening with Nellie (Simone Lockhart) playing video games until some prom-goers returned to Nellie's house to party. Eventually, a fight broke out at the party between Jackson (Sam Ashby) and Kyle's brother Ty (Carson Rowland). Kyle defended his brother, but Ty told him to stay out of it, anda frustrated Kyle ran out of the house, chased by Annie, Nellie, Ty, and the other party-goers. That was the last fans saw of Kyle until the intense cliffhanger, when he was pulled out of the car by paramedics, and they informed the onlookers the "passenger" of the car was also being taken to the hospital.

So, here are the people who could have been in the car with Kyle at the end of Sweet Magnolias Season 1:



The last fans saw of Ty, he was chasing after Kyle. It's possible Ty let Kyle drive his vehicle — either to console him, or because Ty was drinking — something happened that led to the crash.


Since Nellie and Kyle are good friends, it's possible she was the one who was able to get into the car with him. While it would be sad to see such a young character involved in a crash, it's also possible she could escape with minor injuries and the experience will be one that bonds her and Kyle even more.



Annie has to be considered as the potential passenger because she was seen chasing after Kyle just moments before the accident. In an effort to calm him down and try to smooth over leaving him on prom night, she could have jumped in the vehicle to talk with him.


While it's probably not likely CeCe (Harlan Drum) was the passenger in question, it's not totally improbable. CeCe and Kyle are connected through her relationship with Kyle's brother, Tyler. If for some reason she did get into the car with Kyle, and he caused her any harm, chances are things between the two brothers would only get more intense.


Annie's prom date (Michael May) is another potential candidate, simply because he could be a way to bring Kyle and Annie closer than before. However, this seems like a bit of a long shot, because there's no logical reason why he'd get in the car with Kyle in the first place.


Before Noreen (Jamie Lynn Spears) left Serenity, she and Kyle had formed a really tight bond. Some fans think Kyle may have called Noreen to help him in his situation and she came to his rescue, which would make the accident all the more tragic, since she's pregnant.

Someone Else

It's also possible that the passenger is someone else who was at the party. The writers may choose to have someone unexpected in the car to drive new plot lines Season 2, if Netflix decides to renew the show. Fans will just have to wait and see.