This Year's Miss USA Winner Has Been Announced & She's Amazing

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Miss USA competition is easily one of TV’s most highly anticipated competitions, right after American Idol and The Voice. Americans from all over the country tuned in to watch Miss USA contenders from every state walk the stage, model their best swimsuits, and answer the toughest competition questions. And tonight, the Miss USA organization announced a brand new winner. Her name? Sarah Rose Summers from Nebraska. So, just who is Sarah Rose Summers? Here’s all the juicy stuff you need to know about her.

On a very surface level, the all-new Miss USA is the complete picture of poise, grace, beauty, and intelligence. She wooed everyone with her humility and incredible speaking skills. She’s clearly a top-notch competitor and she killed it at the competition. Viewers were so enamored with her. Obviously, the judges were also. And now she’s representing the United States and people couldn’t be happier.

Now, to dig a little deeper, here’s some more information about Summers' background and how she came to be part of the Miss USA competition.

Summers hails from Omaha, Nebraska

The new Miss USA was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Known for its big city feel as well as its rural charm, Omaha’s culture is rich and has obviously had an impact on Miss USA. She’s super proud of where she comes from, so that’s awesome to see!

She’s accomplished way more than most people

Summers earned two degrees from Texas Christian University. All the while, she was working part-time. In recent years, she completed her clinical rotations to become a certified Child Life Specialist. What an accomplishment.

She’s passionate about food and fitness

During the competition, Summers revealed that she’s super passionate about forging a healthy relationship between food and fitness. And she's also dedicated to helping others do the same! As someone who personally witnessed the hardships of eating disorders (in her own mother and in close friends), Summers is passionate about bringing awareness to the issue and she's working with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to do so.

There’s just so much to like and admire about Summers! She's clearly very intelligent and passionate about an array of things. Couldn't ask for a better person to represent the United States!

So, now that Summers has been crowned Miss USA and she’s donning that beautifully blingy tiara, what else will she be awarded?

Well, for starters, she’s definitely going to be living in an all expenses paid apartment in New York City. Swanky, right? Yep! Along with that awesome prize, she’ll also be getting an incredible wardrobe for personal appearances (because Miss USA has to look fabulous all the time), as well as travel expenses, and a once in a lifetime chance to represent the United States in the Miss Universe competition.

Amazing, right? And Summers totally deserves it, too. After all, years and years of hard work goes into becoming Miss USA. She’s trained for this, waited for this, and now she’s owning this. Full stop.

All that aside, the new Miss USA will be able to use her platform to make real changes in the world. She’ll be a goodwill ambassador for the United States, which will take her all over the country and give her the opportunity to inspire people everywhere. There’s no doubt that Summers will be an excellent ambassador. She’s clearly passionate about doing great work and this unique chance to make a difference will certainly serve her well.

I genuinely wish her the best of luck! It’s going to be a whirlwind year for her and she's definitely in for an amazing ride!