Tyler Neasloney went viral for shading Karlie Kloss on 'Project Runway.'

The Viral 'Project Runway' Guy Is Selling Karlie Kloss Shade Merch For Charity


Tyler Neasloney may not have won Project Runway, but he did cement his place in internet history forever with the most memorable clapback of 2020 so far. Even people who are not keeping up with the current season of the fashion competition show found themselves hooked by Project Runway's Tyler Neasloney after his pointed response to Karlie Kloss went viral. And now, he is making bank off the shady moment — and sharing some for a good cause — with some new merch.

The clapback heard around the world happened at the end of the Jan. 2 episode of Project Runway Season 18, in which the designers were tasked with using clothes donated to Goodwill to create high-fashion looks that host Karlie Kloss would wear. After being in the bottom for the past two weeks, Neasloney unfortunately missed the mark again with his outfit, but he was not about to go out without making his mark. When judge Brandon Maxwell said he could not see Kloss wearing Neasloney's design anywhere, the contestant shot back, "Not even to dinner with the Kushners?" The retort was a reminder that Kloss is married to businessman Joshua Kushner, the brother of Jared Kushner, who is Donald Trump's senior adviser and Ivanka Trump's husband.

Kloss reacted in shock to the comment, to which Neasloney simply pointed out, "That's your husband." Then, Kloss delineated how the contestant's outfit did not fit the theme of the challenge, and Neasloney was eliminated from the show.

Before leaving, Neasloney apologized to Kloss for the comment, telling her he had no hidden agenda. He went on to further explain the quip in post-show interviews, noting the Kushners line was simply meant to reference the aesthetic of his look and not bring up any animosity. He also mentioned he had felt very comfortable joking around with the judges at that point.

Now, Neasloney is turning his instantly iconic shady phrase into merchandise. A week after his elimination, Neasloney has released two styles of T-shirts that read, "Not even to dinner with the Kushners?"

Both shirts are available for $35 on Neasloney's website, and half of all the proceeds from purchases will go toward the Ali Forney Center, a non-profit that houses and serves homeless LGBTQ+ youths in New York City.

So, although Neasloney did not wind up making it to the end of Project Runway, he definitely still won big in an unexpected way, and his expert shade will live on online forever.