Let's Breakdown Everything We Know About Jon On 'A Million Little Things'

ABC/Jack Rowand

This post contains spoilers for A Million Little Things. Jon's mysterious past was finally explained on the Season 1 finale of A Million Little Things, and while the truth wasn't as tawdry as fans expected, it didn't disappoint. Barbara Morgan turned out to be his college roommate's girlfriend who was pregnant when the friend died in one of the 9/11 plane hijackings. When Barbara got engaged soon after the loss, Jon wasn't too thrilled, but his filmed apology before his death might have led Barbara's son astray. Who is PJ's dad on A Million Little Things? Unless an unforeseen twist happens next season, he's the son of Jon's roommate Dave, but PJ may think differently.

ICYMI, Jon and Barbara Morgan's connection was actually far more heartbreaking than fans anticipated. Meeting and falling in love with a first responder soon after Dave's death, Barbara (Drea de Matteo) shared with Jon (Ron Livingston) her plan for them to raise the baby without telling it about its real father. Having narrowly missed the deadly flight Dave was on, a guilty Jon didn't like this, cutting Barbara out of his life and meeting Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak) for the first time literally seconds later. Well, when one door closes, another one opens.

But as the season finale confirmed, Jon's video message for Barbara included his apology for abandoning her when she needed him most. He still probably didn't agree with her decision to deny her son the truth, but his heartfelt, slightly vague video took on a deeper meaning when Barbara's son PJ (Chandler Riggs) discovered it. Suddenly, Jon's skeletons in the closet are the least of fans' concerns.

Already unknowingly tied to Jon's group through Rome (Romany Malco), PJ grew up thinking Barbara's husband Mitch was his biological father. As he watched Jon's message, his expression implied that in addition to sensing the truth about his family, he may believe that Jon is his dad. Never say say, but the episode was fairly clear about that not being the case.


We know that Barbara's initial reluctance about speaking with Delilah stemmed from Mitch (Rhys Coiro) not wanting PJ to grow suspicious. Whether or not his parents' recent behavior contributed to him finding the video, PJ definitely has his own story to tell. When he met Rome at the hospital, he alluded to struggling with his self-worth and suicidal thoughts, and Rome has since taken him under his wing in a burst of parental energy. Is it only a matter of time before Rome invites him to a gathering at the Dixons' and PJ sees Jon in family photos? Will he find out about the insurance money Jon left for Barbara and, by extension, him?

According to A Million Little Things showrunner DJ Nash, PJ's situation will also affect Delilah and Eddie's (David Giuntoli) earlier decision to present their baby as Jon's. Although the finale teased that Eddie is about to tell Katherine (Grace Park) the truth, the secret is still just between him and Delilah. Nash told TV Guide:

It's not a coincidence that she and Eddie and their baby are dealing with a similar dilemma [as Barbara and PJ]. So I really want to juxtapose those, and have those women continue to know each other in Season 2... in some ways, PJ will be the cautionary tale for Delilah and Eddie, by how they decide to play this.

It sounds like we'll see much more of Barbara and PJ and how they relate to Jon in future episodes. Here's hoping any more secrets aren't drawn out over the course of an entire season.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things is expected to premiere this fall on ABC.