The mystery of who Pearl's father is on 'Little Fires Everywhere' is central to the story.

'Little Fires Everywhere' Fans Have 1 Big Question About Pearl

by Dylan Kickham

In the premiere episode of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere, Mia and Pearl Warren bring not only a completely countercultural lifestyle into the prim and proper town of Shaker Heights, but also a mystery. Mia clearly has a close relationship with her daughter, but strangely, she clams up when the topic of Pearl's father comes up. So, who is Pearl's father on Little Fires Everywhere? That question will become a central part of the series.

Hulu released the first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere on Wednesday, March 18, and although Mia and Pearl are main characters, so much about their life before coming to Shaker Heights is unknown. Mia introduces herself as an artist, and viewers see her snapping photos and working on meticulous art projects in her apartment, while Pearl has an interest in poetry and seems to adapt to the Shaker Heights lifestyle very quickly, becoming fast friends with Elena Richardson's kids. Prior to coming to the town, Mia and Pearl lived a nomadic life, going from city to city and often living out of their car. The reason for their itinerant lifestyle is not yet clear.

The biggest mystery of all about Mia and Pearl, though, revolves around Pearl's parentage. Even Pearl is in the dark about who her father is, and when she becomes curious and asks her mother about him, Mia refuses to reveal his identity to her.


Of course, if you read Little Fires Everywhere, the 2017 novel the new miniseries is based on, you already know the truth about Pearl's father. But if not, don't worry, because I will not spoil the big reveal just yet.

The mystery surrounding Pearl's father will become a major part of the final few episode of Little Fires Everywhere. As of the first three episodes, there are only fleeting images of Mia's past that don't answer many questions. A flashback shows Mia having sex with a man in her car while baby Pearl sits in another seat, and Mia has a nightmare in which a mysterious man on the subway keeps staring at her. Pearl tells Moody her mom is pretty lax when it comes to sex, sleeping with whoever she wants whenever she wants. It seems like it could be a clue about Pearl's paternity, but if Mia is so chill, then why wouldn't she be more forthcoming about it?

Viewers are going to have to wait a bit to get the answer about Pearl's father. Rest assured, though, the question will be answered pretty soon, so stay tuned as Hulu releases new episodes of Little Fires Everywhere each Wednesday.