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Who Is Natalie Mariduena? David Dobrik's Assistant & BFF Is Too Cool

If you’re shamelessly obsessed with the 23-year-old YouTube star David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad (guilty), then name Natalie Mariduena won’t be unfamiliar to you. She’s David's very hardworking assistant, rumored girlfriend, roommate, and an object of affection within the crew. But despite her massive social media following, many may not really know who Natalie Mariduena is. The social media sidekick is pretty private about her personal life.

Natalie became David's assistant after he and a fellow Vlog Squad member and YouTuber Jason Nash convinced her to take the job. The two originally met in their hometown of Vernon Hills, Illinois, and even went to prom together. (In a November video with Delish, David admitted to having a crush on his now-assistant back in their high school days.) Their paths split when David moved to L.A. to pursue his social media star aspirations and Natalie stayed in Illinois to attend Lake Forest College. But their years-long bond survived and flourished.

And from what it seems, now Natalie has the most exciting job ever. Case in point, one of her work weeks consisted of traveling to Boston, MA, then to Las Vegas, NV, and finally to Hawaii, as a witness to David and Jason's mother's nuptials (an extreme prank). David even posted a comical video that showcased the idiosyncrasies of his assistant’s job in April. For some extra dose of hilarity, Natalie was played by Jason.

But besides never being dull, her job seems to come with a bunch of other perks. Natalie lives in David's mansion and frequently accompanies him to the squad’s wild parties, popular music festivals, and even award shows. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, she was gifted not one but two cars by her generous boss. A Mercedes for her 22nd birthday and a baby-blue Bronco for 23rd.

And then there are those ever-swirling rumors of her and David's romantic relationship. Many fans were all but assured the two were an item after a video resurfaced of David accidentally “revealing” he was dating Natalie.

Could it be possible? Sure. David and his longtime girlfriend Liza Koshy broke up almost two years ago. It seems like Natalie ended a relationship with her boyfriend Shawn Nelson not too long after. And even if you disregard the two extravagant gifts from David — because let’s be real, who hasn’t he given a car to, at this point — the two appear on each other’s Instagrams so frequently. They even dressed up as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts for Halloween 2019 (a millionaire who married his assistant — hello?) And, according to a lie detector test, they don’t view each other strictly platonically either. To make matters sweeter, David called Natalie “the hardest working person on the team” and one of the women he’s inspired by the most.

Natalie has practically become an influencer in her own light. She doesn't personally seem to have any social media star aspirations, but the Vlog Squad fans love her, as evident from her 2.9 million Instagram followers and comment sections of almost every video she’s appeared in. So, the 23-year-old could easily become a powerhouse YouTuber if she ever wanted to. Whichever personal and professional paths she decides to take though, here’s hoping she doesn't break any fans' hearts and remains in the Vlog Squad regardless of it. Far too many fan favorite members have already left.