Richard Flood as McWidow on 'Grey's Anatomy'

This New 'Grey's Anatomy' Guy Just Might Become Meredith's Newest Love Interest


While Grey's Anatomy is first and foremost a medical drama, it's also a show full of romance. Throughout the series' run there have been lots of sweet love stories with equally cute nicknames for the people involved in them. First, there was McDreamy. Then, there was McSteamy. And now, fans have been introduced to McWidow. McWidow's introduction to Grey's Anatomy makes it seem like he's poised to become Meredith Grey's new love interest, which means some big changes could be coming in the second half of Season 16.

McWidow is actually the new nickname for Irish surgeon Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), who is set to become the new head of pediatric surgery now that Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is no longer at Grey Sloan Memorial. The new guy and Mereidth (Ellen Pompeo) butted heads over a patient in the Grey's Anatomy midseason finale, so it really seemed like Meredith had found a new adversary in Hayes — that is, until Meredith received a text message from her bestie Cristina. Cristina told Mer she had sent her a "welcome back to work" package, and at the end of the episode she revealed the package wasn't an it; it was a him. It seems Cristina sent Hayes to Grey Sloan Memorial from her hospital in Switzerland, and since Cristina nicknamed him "McWidow," it also seems like she's hoping Meredith feels a spark with him just like she felt with her McLovers before.

Since Meredith and Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) were on the rocks during the Season 16 mid-season finale, McWidow may have arrived at just the right time to spark something new with her. It can pretty much be inferred McWidow gets his nickname from the fact that he lost his spouse, which Mer can probably relate to since she's grieved the loss of her love Derek (aka McDreamy). With such an important experience in common, Mer and Hayes could be perfect for each other.

However, not all fans are on board with the idea of Mer and McWidow. One fan on Reddit said, "I’m not sure why we’re supposed to think they’re a good fit just because Cristina sent him as a gift. Like, I’m glad they’re still friends and all, but they haven’t seen each other in years, and it’s low key shady that she sent him a whole man knowing that she has a boyfriend, or at least did a week ago."

If Meredith does start dating McWidow, it would be pretty soon after ending things with DeLuca. But, other fans think it's sweet Cristina let Meredith know Hayes has her approval. Another Redditer said, "I think her 'blessing' is more of her knowing that the guy is a good person, that's he's worth spending time with. Mer has a long history of treating people she doesn't know in not a very nice way. Maybe this will allow her to jump over her own prejudices."

Cristina was such a big part of Meredith's life before she moved to Europe, so it's nice to see she's still there for Mer, no matter what ends up happening with McWidow.

Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy will return to ABC on Jan. 23 in a two-hour crossover event with Station 19 starting at 8 p.m. ET.