Skittles Is Releasing An Exclusive Super Bowl Ad For Only One Person In The World & WTF?

The only thing more entertaining than the Super Bowl Halftime Show are the Super Bowl commercials. Companies pay millions of dollars to snag a spot in the most-viewed televised event of the year, and there's always a competition to see what brand will create the best Super Bowl commercial of the given year. Skittles is taking a bit of an... odd approach this year in that it's making a commercial that only one person in the world will view, and his name is Marcos Menendez. Who is Marcos Menendez? I literally have no idea. And Skittles isn't telling anyone, either. All their commercials about this commercial (#commercialinception) say about him is that he's a "teenager from Canoga Park, USA." (I honestly can't even tell if this kid is a real person.) According to AdWeek, Skittles has made a 60-second Super Bowl ad but it will not be aired during the Super Bowl. (Which kind of means it doesn't count as a Super Bowl ad... right?) Instead of seeing the ad during the game, viewers will be able to watch Menendez's real-time reaction to it through a livestream on Skittles' Facebook page. It's a weird approach for sure, but hey, it's got us talking.

The VP of Fruit Confections at Mars, Matt Montei, said in a statement about the ad and its four corresponding teaser ads, “This year, Skittles is making the most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever. We’re making an ad but we’re showing it only one single person. … It’s on par with everything we’ve done in the Super Bowl over the last three years. It’s just that we’re only showing it to Marcos this year." Uh, OK.

David Schwimmer and Matty Cardarople (aka Keith the arcade guy from Stranger Things 2) star in two of the Skittles teaser ads.

They're both really weird ads, but, like, whatever. It's intriguing... ?

The ads themselves address how weird Skittles' Super Bowl marketing plan is this year. But Montei says the exclusivity of the ad is what they're hoping will draw people in to watch the corresponding ads. “At this point we absolutely have no plans to show this ad beyond [to] Marcos during the Super Bowl,” Montei said in a statement to AdWeek on Jan. 18. He added,

For everyone else, though, what’s important to know, and what you’ll soon learn in a week or so, is that we’ll announce the celebrity [in the ad]. We’ll also have content in the form of four different teasers for everyone to view and speculate what that final ad might be, even though they themselves will not be able to view the final ad.

Montei said Skittles wants to set itself apart from the rest of the Super Bowl ads and they're attempting to "start a dialogue." “Every other advertiser is going out there and showing their ad to 100 million people, he said. "We want to be the one brand who has the most exclusive ad in Super Bowl history. That’s the focus of the campaign. That’s why there’s a lot of content beyond just the ad itself which is meant to start a dialogue, to speculate and to be highly entertaining.” Uh, bruh, when people say they want to "start a dialogue," that dialogue is mostly about some kind of humanitarian effort or social issue, not Skittles ads. But LOL, whatever. This will undoubtedly be funny.

As for who the heck Marcos Menendez is, it looks like he's an actual person who actually lives in Canoga Park, Cali. And he's been tweeting about Skittles ever since he was chosen as the ~one special viewer~.

I am in serious doubt of... all of this. It's v sus. V weird. V creeped out by David Schwimmer with long hair. Goodnight! The Super Bowl is going down this Sunday, Feb. 4, on NBC. Kick off is at 6:30. Have your Skittles ready.