Susie's Uncle Isn't Who He Seems To Be In 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina'

Diyah Pera/Netflix

This post contains spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Any stories about witches and warlocks have their fair share of encounters with mystical creatures, and Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is no exception. From warding off demons to adopting goblins in animal form, the Spellman family are no strangers to the mysterious, often dangerous beings of the witches' realm. Sabrina learned about the trickier parts of demon hunting when trying to confront the evil spirit trapped in Susie's uncle's body. Who is Maerceci in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? The demon possessing Uncle Jesse wasn't quite who he said he was.

After an ambiguous incident in the mines, Uncle Jesse (no, not that one) was essentially on bed rest at the Putnams' house, but he had clearly suffered from more than just a bumped head. When Susie (Lachlan Watson) and Roz (Jaz Sinclair) checked in on him after Susie told Roz about his accident, it became obvious that whatever was wrong with Jesse wasn't quite a human condition. Having spotted a demon in the mines years before, Harvey (Ross Lynch) understood the two's worries about Jesse, and he, Susie, and Roz had to restrain him when they visited his room for a second time.

After having contact with all three teens, Jesse began psychologically attacking the kids, reminding them of their worst insecurities. While Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) tried to divert her friends from their theory of the mines' demon taking over Jesse, she knew demon possession was the likeliest possibility of what was wrong.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Astral-projecting herself into Jesse's room, Sabrina confronted the demon, who told her he was Maerceci, the Overlord of gluttony. However, Ambrose later discovered that the name was just a jumble of the phrase "ice cream," but the demon's plans to feed on Sabrina's friends after destroying Jesse remained a huge threat. After finding a split stone with a snake etching in the mines, Sabrina used the stone to trace the demon to his true name of Apophis, aka a devouring worm. The name is rooted in ancient Egyptian culture, which lists Apophis as a spirit of evil and darkness.

Although Sabrina wanted to perform an exorcism on Jesse to drive out Apophis, the extraction process is a Catholic rite, usually banning witches' ability to banish demons from bodies. Coming forth as a former mentee of Sabrina's father, Ms. Wardell offered Sabrina and her aunts the use of Edward Spellman's special exorcism rite to save Jesse. Thanks to the last-minute addition of an initially reluctant Zelda's powers, the Spellman women and Ms. Wardell were able to drive Apophis out of Jesse, dumping the worm-like figure in the well on the Putnams' land. But let's be real — when you mess with magic, no solution is as simple as it seems, and the women's defeat of Apophis wasn't as easy as it looked.

Proving that she's definitely not to be trusted, Ms. Wardell used her own powers to kill a free Jesse in the name of the Dark Lord's plans. When the Spellmans received word of his death the next day, they were left to assume that his passing was a side effect of the exorcism. Meanwhile, Ms. Wardell inched closer to pulling off her mystery plan with the Dark Lord. At this rate, I'm not sure whether a demon or Ms. Wardell is scarier to me.

Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is currently streaming on Netflix.