Leslie Golden appears in a video with the clubhouse girls.

Here's Everything Clubhouse Fans Need To Know About Leslie Golden

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Snagging a coveted spot in clubhouse sounds like a distant dream for most, but a select few get to live it. When it comes to Leslie Golden, she's definitely living her best life as a member of the collective. Alongside Daisy Keech, Abby Rao and other social media superstars, Golden resides at a lavish Beverly Hills mansion making content with her besties. Like I said, she's living the dream. But if you haven't been keeping up with the social star, you're seriously missing out. These facts about Leslie Golden are a good place to start.

Before learning more about Golden, let's start with a refresher on the clubhouse. Co-founded by Keech and Rao, the house was formed following Keech's fallout at the Hype House. After Keech had some ~differences~ with Thomas Petrou, she knew it was time to get her own clubhouse going. The collective also includes social media stars Chase Keith, Kinsey Wolanski, and fitness influencer Mariana Morais.

Golden has been busy making lots of memories while living the clubhouse high life, but here's everything to know about her career to date.

1. She's a professional model.

According to her Instagram bio, Golden is represented by Rebels Management.

2. She was featured in a Wiz Khalifa music video.

When Wiz Khalifa released his video for the "High Right Now" remix in January 2020, Golden was front and center in one scene. She shared a snippet of the video to Instagram.

"I don’t think I’ll ever come down," she said. "Music Video for High Right Now Remix Out Now!!! @tylayaweh@wizkhalifa."

You can watch Khalifa's full music video featuring Golden below.

3. She had a huge social media following before joining clubhouse.

Golden has more than 420,000 followers on Instagram, but she's also been busy churning out content over on TikTok. She's built herself a following of over 350,000 fans, and shares videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing with friends.

4. She's a cover girl.

In June 2019, she posed for the rebels edition of Another Love magazine, wearing a pastel blue leather jacket and not much else.

Then, in February 2020, she posed for the cover of Sonny's magazine, rocking steel blue hair and an intense smokey eye.

5. She's a dare devil.

Golden has shared several photos and videos of her skateboarding. In August 2019, she shared a video of herself wiping out on a half pipe, but kudos to her for being a risk-taker and taking the plunge in the first place.

She also previously worked as an aerialist, and posted this 2018 photo of herself swinging from the ceiling... literally.