Morgan’s Vision In ‘The Walking Dead' Featured An Old Favorite Enemy

by Chelsea Stewart
Gene Page/AMC

On March 25, the 13th episode of The Walking Dead's eighth season aired, and things got pretty creepy, to say the least. I know that's pretty usual for the show, except this time, in addition to bloodsucking walkers and gruesome battles, one character was plagued with confusing visions of a strange dead man. If you were wondering who is in Morgan's vision in The Walking Dead, it's not just a random person, but a ghost from his past.

Within the first few seconds of the episode "Do Not Send Us Astray," Morgan was visited by Gavin, who once ruled as one of the top members of the Saviors alongside Negan, Simon, Eugene, and Regina. Gavin, bloodied and enraged, confronted Morgan on a dirt road, yelling, "You know what it is. You were supposed to. You were supposed to!" Confused (and likely afraid), Morgan shouted, "No!" and swipes a fighting stick at Gavin, but he disappears, which leaves him distressed and shaken.

Later, the two meet again — this time at the Hilltop after a massive fight between the Saviors and the Alexandrians. Again, Gavin repeatedly shouts, "You know what it is," which Morgan rebuffs. The episode closes leaving viewers wondering what exactly "it" is, and what Gavin expects Morgan to do. I'm going to guess nothing good.

Twitter got reeeeal nervous.

Gavin and Morgan have a long history with each other.

A quick refresher of some of the highlights: In Season 7, tensions started to escalate between the Saviors and the Kingdom. Gavin, who was much more courteous and genuine than other Saviors, witnessed Morgan attacking Richard, a member of the Kingdom. But instead of stopping or killing him on the spot, he allowed Morgan to strangle him to death. Afterwards, Morgan revealed that Richard wanted to go to war with the Saviors, a revelation that seemingly made Gavin cordial toward the soldier.

Later, after an attack at the Kingdom, Gavin took King Ezekiel hostage. But soon after, Morgan and Carol came to Ezekiel's rescue, killing other Saviors and wounding Gavin in the process. Though he managed to escape to a nearby shed, Morgan ultimately discovered him and aimed his fighting stick at him, ready to strike. Gavin started to plead for his life, which brought Morgan to tears and confused on what to do next.

In efforts to diffuse the situation, Ezekiel begged Morgan not to kill the Savior, claiming, "Ending him is the coward's way. We won. We don't have to kill him." Even Carol echoed Ezekiel's comments, telling Morgan to "stop it. You don't want to do this. You don't have to." Still, Morgan raised his weapon to strike Gavin, but right before he attacked him, Henry approached and stabbed Gavin through the neck with his own fighting stick.

Man, that's what you get on this show. Even if you go ahead and think about being a decent person, it never matters.

So knowing all that, this most recent episode was juicy.

Even aside from Morgan's weird visions, there's a lot to take in in the latest episode. Last week, Negan and Rick finally faced off in a fiery shootout among tons of starving walkers, Negan got kidnapped by Jadis, and the Saviors were ready to attack and conquer the Hilltop by poisoning Alexandrians with zombie guts. And tonight, we saw the Saviors trek to the Hilltop with their weapons doused in walker's blood and attacked Rick's team, resulting in a bunch of dramatic, unexpected deaths when the only-mildly injured died and then reanimated. Ugh. :( The good news, though, is that the Alexandrians finally caught on to the Saviors' plan, which means that this "all out war" is just getting started.

Perhaps next week, we'll find out what exactly Gavin wants from Morgan. Until then, I'll take a wild guess and say that maybe "it" means bringing him back from the dead. IDK? Anything is possible.