This 'Daredevil' Character Makes An Appearance In 'Luke Cage' Season 2 & For Good Reason

by Ani Bundel

Luke Cage isn't someone who plays by the rules or the law. He's a vigilante, much like Matt Murdock was as Daredevil in the opening series. The irony with Murdock was he was a lawyer, who spent his off time breaking the law. Cage isn't a lawyer, though he was once a cop. The problem is, unlike Matt, when he breaks the law, everyone knows who he is. This means sometimes they'll come after him with lawsuits. That's when Luke Cage has to turn to his old pal Foggy to figure out how to get out of it. Who is Foggy on Luke Cage? Warning: Spoilers for Luke Cage Season 2 follow.

Fans of Daredevil might be scratching their heads right now. Foggy as in Foggy Nelson? Correct. Luke Cage is represented by none other than Matt Murdock's old partner, who knows a thing or two about vigilante issues. Even better, as of the end of Daredevil Season 2, Foggy is no longer a partner with Matt nor does he work for Nelson & Murdock, which is good, because they lost cases pretty regularly.

Instead, Foggy is with a far more high-profile firm: Hogarth, Chao, and Benowitz, the law firm which has represented and worked with Jessica Jones on her series. Hogarth is Jeri Hogarth, who not only considers herself a friend of Jones but a friend of Danny Rand of Iron Fist, too.


How did Luke Cage end up being represented by a law firm connected with all these other shows, and a lawyer straight out of another series? As fans will recall, at the end of Luke Cage Season 1, the police take Luke Cage (real name Carl Lucas) back into custody because he broke out of jail, even though the sentence was for a crime he didn't commit. Rather than argue, Cage agreed to serve his time. But Claire wasn't so patient. She knew Foggy from her time on Daredevil, and Hogarth agreed to take on the case and prove Cage innocent so he could be released just in time for the events of The Defenders.

Though Luke was more amused at Foggy than he was respectful of the lawyer who just worked so hard to spring him from behind bars, he was around to see how hard Nelson took Murdock's death after the events of Midland Circle. Cage was one of the few who knew Daredevil and Murdock were the same man, as did Foggy. Clearly, they bonded enough that when Cage discovered himself in legal trouble this season, that was who he called.


Luke's problem? Cockroach, as in Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton. Misty put Cockroach in jail a while back, but due to the events of Season 1 where her partner, Scarfe, was revealed to be crooked, Cockroach's conviction was overturned. He's now out in the streets again, running an illegal casino, and worse, beating his wife and son on the regular after he gets drunk.

When Cage comes around looking for Cockroach and finds out there's abuse being committed in the home, he gives said neighbor his card and says to call next time they need help. True to his word, the next time Cockroach starts beating up his woman, ironically because he's pissed off Cage broke up his gambling operation, Cage comes flying through the door and nearly kills him.

Cockroach survives, but being the wily sort, he decides to hit Cage where it hurts: his wallet, demanding $100k to keep the case from going to court. Cage doesn't want to settle, but Foggy spells it out for him: Black man, violent past, ex-con vigilante isn't a good look to a judge or jury. Cage's best play is to do a few appearances for money, pay Cockroach off, and keep going. It might not be the advice Cage wants, but it's good, solid, practical advice. That's why Foggy's one of the best.