Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Needs To Know About Demi


There are 23 women left vying for Colton's heart on this season of The Bachelor, but one contestant in particular has caught Bachelor Nation's attention with her wild introduction. The first time fans met Demi on The Bachelor in the season premiere was when she rode up to the camera on an ATV and told everyone she's "hot-doggin' for Colton." So, yeah, she's definitely not subtle in her approach to wooing the Bachelor. Between her family's difficult past and her complicated dating history, there's a lot to learn about Demi Burnett.

Even the most casual of Bachelor fans knows that Colton. ABC put that fact up front and center in all its marketing for this season. In the premiere episode, Demi revealed that this not-so-subtle concerned her.

In her opening interview, 23-year-old Demi wondered how a virgin could know what he likes if he hasn't played the field a little.

I know that he's a virgin, which is kind of concerning. If you've only ever had a vanilla cupcake, well, how do you know you don't like chocolate? How do you know you don't like strawberry? So you've got to try out all the cupcakes first to know what you really want. I'm the damn confetti cake.

They say that opposites attract, so you have to wonder if that's what'll happen here; conservative Colton and wild Demi couldn't be more different. When Demi and Colton first met after her limo entrance, she told him she hadn't dated a virgin since she was 12 years old, and he responded with a shocked, "Oh boy!" Only time will tell how their chemistry will build from here.

Demi grew up in rural Texas with her dad and stepmom and is a self-described "super bubbly, outgoing, sassy, country girl." In the first episode, she was upfront about the fact that her mom is currently in federal prison. Demi told the cameras that her mom, Tina Jean Jordan, is serving time for embezzlement. The good news, though, is that Jordan was released from prison in November. So there is a chance fans will see Colton meet Demi's mom at some point this season.

On The Bachelor, Demi says that her job is interior designer, but Reality Steve has listed her as an actress/model and links to her profile on ExploreTalent.com. Pair that with the fact that one of Demi's official fun facts is that she dreams of being a Victoria's Secret Angel, and it sounds like Demi is a bit more interested in becoming famous than decorating homes.

Demi definitely wants to make a good impression among fans. According to Us Weekly, she was recently spotted with Big Brother star Paul Calafiore in New York City. An insider source reported that Demi was seeking Paul's advice because she's not sure how she'll be perceived among fans this season.

Demi received a rose in the first episode, so Colton is clearly a fan so far. Time will tell how fans will react to her wild side as the season continues.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.