Who Is Daisy Keech?

Here's What To Know About The Hype House's "Flower" Girl, Daisy Keech

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seems like there are countless social media platforms to build one's brand on in 2020. It can be overwhelming to find your place, but Daisy Keech is a model and YouTuber who has managed to add TikTok star to her resume by inspiring and entertaining her fans on the app. If you're looking to build a name for yourself on social media, you'll want to know who Daisy Keech is, especially considering the amount of success she's achieved in just two years.

Keech rose to social media stardom as a fitness model on Instagram, growing her account to 2.8 million followers after making her first post in January 2018. She managed to build her TikTok profile in a relatively short amount of time, too, capturing the attention of 2.9 million fans over the course of seven months with a combination of relatable lip-sync and choreographed dance videos about dating and hanging out with friends.

She's established herself as one of the coolest TikTokers on the app, having co-founded Hype House — a collective of 19 popular TikTokers who make content together at a shared L.A. mansion. Keech is one of the few TikTokers who actually lives in the Hype House.

If you've ever wondered what wild activities the teens get into while creating TikTok content, Keech's vlogs have got you covered.

"I really don't know what's going down today. It's something new every single time I wake up," she said in the Feb. 1, A Day In The Hype House vlog. She then walked downstairs to find two of her friends with flour all over their faces.

Regardless of what madness her housemates and their friends are getting into on any given day, Keech finds her own way to maintain her zen, and that's as a self-proclaimed "plant queen." While she hilariously calls herself the only "flower" in the Hype House, Keech maintains a garden of plants and assorted flowers for her own wellness.

"I am a plant queen. I love plants," she said in the A Day In The Hype House vlog. "I think they radiate such great positivity."

"I think it's amazing. It's kind of like yourself," she continued. "You feed yourself the right foods, you get the right amount of exercise, you get the right amount of sun.. water, everything a plant would need ... our bodies are the same way. So, take care of your body."

Keech's message about living a healthier lifestyle permeates her Instagram and YouTube page. Fans often find Keech's sun-soaked photos paired with uplifting words of advice.

"SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER," she wrote under a Jan. 5 Insta selfie taking in some rays by the Hype House's pool. "Someone else’s success won’t deter you from yours, so be happy for them and grateful for what you have. we’re all humans trying to get through this thing we call life."

Keech's message is pretty clear, whether she's creating cute TikTok videos, recording entertaining vlogs, or uploading pretty photos on the 'gram, she's all about putting out good into the world. Luckily for new fans, you have plenty of platforms to keep up with her.