This New 'Orange Is The New Black' Character is Stirring Up Serious Trouble For Daya

by Dylan Kickham

There are a lot of scary new faces skulking around Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black as the former Litchfield Penitentiary inmates start to navigate the even more dangerous world of their new maximum security holdings. Although the new season starts off with a number of inmates being held in private cells separate from the general population, once they join the rest of the prison, it becomes very clear that a gang war has separated the prison into two sides. Daddy is an important player in this. So, who is Daddy on Orange Is the New Black Season 6? The new inmate has a powerful role in the prison economic structure as well as its ongoing gang war, and she will create a lot of problems for one Litchfieldian in particular this season.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot points from the first few episodes of Orange Is the New Black Season 6. We first meet Daddy when Daya is moved from Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg) into the D Block, which is one of the three blocks that make up the prison's general population. These prison blocks play an all-important role in Season 6, as they determine which side each prisoner takes in the decades-old gang war between C Block and D Block, which we find out was instigated by a pair of sisters (Carol and Barbara) who turned their respective blocks against one another back in the '80s. The only block truly safe from the battle is B Block, which is reserved for geriatric inmates and inmates with specific medical needs.


Daddy is a big deal in D Block, serving as the right hand man to the block's leader Barbara, and also as the prison's preeminent drug dealer. Daddy almost constantly has a couple of blonde, washed-out junkies following her around, but she immediately takes a special liking to Daya once she enters D Block. Now, Daya has been having much more trouble with the guards than she's been having with other inmates up to this point, and although Daddy is clearly a power player in this gang war, she is surprisingly sweet to Daya. As a show of her affections, Daddy begins to offer oxycodone pills to Daya. Although she is initially reluctant to accept, Daya finally gives in and takes the pills in order to alleviate her constant pain, which comes from the guards continually beating up on her, accusing her of killing a fellow guard (CO Humphrey back in Season 5, remember him?).

As you could have probably guessed, Daya taking these drugs winds up being a not-so-great idea, and Daddy's very clear attraction to her gives Daya the perfect avenue to obtain more and more drugs at her whim. So, yeah... buckle up for an addiction storyline for Daya this season. But that is not Daddy's only role in Season 6. As the lead lieutenant in the D Block side of the gang war, she is also at the forefront of starting trouble with the other half of the inmates. Viewers will also get to learn Daddy's eyebrow-raising backstory and how she wound up in prison later on in the new season as well.