G-Eazy Got Flirty With A Girl Who's Not Halsey In This Video Of Him At The Lakers Game

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Is G-Eazy moving on from Halsey already? Well, the video of G-Eazy flirting with a girl who’s not Halsey definitely makes it seem that way! The video was published by TMZ on Wednesday, Oct. 31. The 29-year-old rapper was caught on camera at a basketball game shooting a few hoops and being generally flirty with a model named Caroline Lowe. And that video is making everyone curious about Lowe and what the connection between her and G-Eazy is.

G-Eazy attended the Lakers-Timberwolves game on Monday, Oct. 29 in Minnesota and that’s when he was spotted with Lowe. If you don’t know who Caroline Lowe is, here’s the rundown: She’s a 23-year-old model who is represented by IMG Models Worldwide. She’s appeared on TV, most notably on Wild ‘N Out and Model Squad. And she’s also an actress. So, she’s an accomplished girl with a career of her own.

But it’s her connection and apparent friendship with G-Eazy that’s really given her a bit of clout, at least for now. According to the Daily Mail, G-Eazy and Lowe took a private jet after attending that basketball game in Minnesota. Lowe even posted a photo of herself leaving the jet to her Instagram.

As I previously mentioned, Lowe and G-Eazy definitely got flirty on the court. In that video obtained by TMZ, Lowe and G-Eazy are being very playful and seem to be having a great time. As sweet as all that sounds, though, a source for TMZ revealed that “there's nothing romantic between the two ... in fact, Caroline's already in a relationship with model Heath Hutchins.”

So, no romance here folks! Apparently, Lowe and G-Eazy connected through some mutual friends

In any case, you can check out the video of G-Eazy and Caroline Lowe down below:

All this comes as G-Eazy is navigating a breakup from his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Halsey. The two split up back in July 2018 and then rekindled their romance again just a month later. But on Oct. 23, People reported that Halsey and G-Eazy had broken up once again.

A source close to the situation revealed that the breakup was due to G-Eazy’s urge to stray from the relationship.

“It’s over again for now,” the source told People. “He was partying over the weekend and girls were all over him. He didn’t care who saw.”

Just hours after the news broke, Halsey took to her Twitter account to express how she was feeling.

“Reminder to self: happiness is not a replacement for misery. It’s an addition. Pain will always be there. But that’s okay. U allow happiness to join as another option,” Halsey wrote in a tweet. “So when the time comes, it’s there waiting, existing; a possibility for when you’re ready to choose.”

Then in a second tweet, she addressed herself directly. “@ me: life is not pain vs happiness. one does not replace the other. they exist together. happiness doesn’t arrive as a replacement. it arrives to assist u in carrying the weight of the pain,” she wrote.

So, these are difficult times for Halsey and G-Eazy.