Here's Everything You Should Know About TikTok's Bryce Hall

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While plenty of TikTok stars have seemingly risen to fame overnight, Bryce Hall has been paying his influencer dues since 2014. Jumping between platforms like Vine, Musical.y. and now TikTok, Hall always seems to anticipate the internet’s Next Big Thing. As of February 2020, the 20 year old social media star has over seven million followers across multiple platforms. With his signature dangly earring, boyish good looks, and a knack for mischief it’s no wonder Bryce Hall managed to backflip into the big leagues.

On Feb. 1, Hall gave an interview with Hollywire where he discussed how he got his start online through the live-streaming service “YouNow.”

"I got bullied so I went on livestream to kinda just make friends.” he told Hollywire. “I remember I was getting 15 views talking to like, 15 people. And then it just progressively got larger and larger,” Hall added.

Over the years, Bryce has proven his ability to smoothly navigate the ever-changing social media landscape. When he lost his Vine account (and 30,000 followers) with the app’s shut down in 2014, Hall hopped onto the latest viral trend, Musical.ly. There, he quickly built up an audience over a million strong. Now he’s a viral TikTok star and resident of “Sway House," the Los Angeles home to some of the internet’s most popular creators.

His first TikTok to go viral featured an appearance by “Beautiful Girls,” singer, Sean Kingston. He told Hollywire, "There was no dance to it. Me and the boys were singing it and then he hopped in and we were all like [acts surprised] – woah I didn't know that Sean Kingston was here. But we did. It was planned out, big shocker."

You can also catch Hall in his many collabs with fellow TikTok darling Addison Rae. Check out this adorable YouTube video the couple made reacting to their TikToks together.

Unfortunately, the pair had a rocky start to the new year. While they had been dating since at least the beginning of 2020, the couple already announced their break-up on Twitter before the start of February. Cheating rumors had circulated online with fans discussing possible links between Hall and another TikTok star, Sydney Vézina. On Jan 20, the now-ex-couple attempted to squash the rumors, tweeting out that they are on good terms and are moving forward as friends.

Maybe they can work things out? Until then we’ll just have to keep stalking their TikToks to catch the latest collab.

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