Asher Angel Opens Up About The Inspiration Behind His New Song "Guilty"

Courtesy of Asher Angel

When Asher Angel releases a song, he has one thing top of mind: the relatability factor. The multi-talented star released his newest track "Guilty" on May 8, and it's all about a relationship gone wrong. The emotional lyrics about infidelity are something many fans can empathize with, and as with any relatable track, there's a backstory to it. So, who is Asher Angel's "Guilty" about? He explains the meaning behind the lyrics.

Right now, Angel is focusing on music, but fans may recognize him from his major movie and TV roles. He starred alongside Zachary Levi in 2019's Shazam!, and played heartthrob Jonah Beck on Disney Channel's Andi Mack from 2017 to 2019. But with his Disney Channel days behind him and the Shazam! sequel in its early stages, it's full steam ahead for Angel's tunes.

"I couldn't wait for my fans to hear 'Guilty,'" he tells Elite Daily. "Really the main reason I gravitated towards it was it's just real and relatable on an emotional level," he explains. "When most of my fans hear my music, I want them to connect with them and I feel like so many people go through this and it sucks... Do you feel guilty of making mistakes? Do you have regrets?"

Because of its message, fans wondered if "Guilty" is about someone specific in Angel's life. Despite his recent breakup with his girlfriend of over a year, Annie LeBlanc (she confirmed their split via Instagram stories on May 13), Angel squashed any possibility "Guilty" was penned about her. "I haven't really experienced [being cheated on]," he says.

The song was actually written with fans in mind. "We're just trying to make stuff and create a body of work that people will relate with and connect with. I'm just trying to think as if I was in that position. The lyrics kind of flowered naturally, there's really a collaborative effort," he says.

Angel dropped the official music video for "Guilty" on May 15.

Angel's goal is to keep the bops coming, and he's got some big plans in store. The singer tells Elite Daily his April 2019 track "One Thought Away" with Wiz Khalifa was a "dream" collab, but there's another person he hopes to enlist for his next joint track.

"I think it would be cool to do something with, and we're actually talking about this... Taylor Swift. We're both co-ambassadors for the Ronan Thompson Foundation," he says. The foundation is a volunteer-run organization focused on funding effective treatments for childhood cancer. "That would be just a dream collab because I think she's such a nice, genuine, hard-working person and she's definitely someone I'd love to be involved with."

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Fresh off a virtual performance at the 2020 Kids' Choice Awards, he assures fans he'll continue to churn out hits. Plus, seeing as Shazam's sequel has been pushed back to 2022, according to Angel, he's got plenty of time to work on his music. "I've just been taking the time to hone in on my craft and get better at it," he shares.

Between both his acting and music career, fans have a lot to look forward to from Angel, who is hoping to put out a full-length album very soon. "I'm just excited for the world to see what I make."