Here Are All The Facts Bachelor Nation Needs On Alex B.


Fans barely got to hear Alex Blumberg talk when she made her first appearance in The Bachelor premiere last week, thanks to a nasty cold that took her voice. Since audiences barely got to spend time with Alex B. on the The Bachelor, she still remains mostly a mystery. Luckily, she did get a rose after night one, so she'll be around for a while longer. But, until we see Alex B. get a little more chatty, what do we know about her? Here's everything Bachelor Nation needs to know about this quiet contestant vying for Colton's heart.

According to The Bachelor website, Alex B.'s official occupation is "dog rescuer." But unlike her fellow contestants Alex D. and Erin, whose job titles of "sloth" and "Cinderella" were more jokes than actual careers, Alex B. has the chops to back up her job. In 2014, she helped found the Companion Animal Advocacy and Rescue Effort (or CAARE) Rescue in Vancouver, Canada. The rescue organizations works to save dogs from being euthanized in shelters by finding them both foster and permanent homes. According to Alex B.'s bio, her career takes her all over the world to save animals, and so far she's saved almost 5000 dogs. She even has her own rescue dog, Lady, who is a frequent star of her Instagram and clearly the love of her life.

Looks like Colton might have to compete with Alex B.'s puppy love if she ends up being the woman he chooses. But, Colton is probably in good shape, because he's a pretty big dog lover himself. His own dogs Thor and Sniper are constantly on his Instagram, and Sniper even has his own Instagram account. Colton recently rescued Thor from a farm in Korea, so he'll have plenty to talk to Alex B. about (once she gets her voice back, of course).

Alex B.'s love for dogs even goes beyond CAARE. She also co-created a dog safety tool called the K-9 Guard Jacket with her half-sister, which protects dogs from wildlife attacks and other physical threats. Alex B. is clearly working hard to protect dogs from all kinds of danger. So when she says she loves dogs, she really means it.

Alex B.'s love for dogs began at an early age. In 2017, she celebrated National Puppy Day with a throwback photo of her young self with her first dog – who's almost twice her size in the picture!

Alex B. didn't even bring up dogs during her first night on The Bachelor, though. Fellow contestant Catherine made a big show out of bringing her Pomeranian Lucy to the mansion, but Alex B. was much more hush hush about her canine passions. I suppose she was kind of forced to be quiet due to her cold, though. She brought Love Actually-style cue cards to communicate the basics with Colton during her limo entrance, but she probably would have needed a whole additional stack of cards to explain to him everything about her history with dogs, too. Hopefully her voice will come back and she'll get the chance to talk to Colton about their shared love of dogs soon.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.