Finn Wittrock in the 'AHS: 1984' finale promo

Fans Have A Wild Idea About Who Finn Wittrock Plays In The 'AHS: 1984' Finale


This season of American Horror Story has flown by just as quickly as the time jumps within 1984's story. But even though things are wrapping up for the Nov. 13 finale, that doesn't mean the show is done bringing in new surprises. The latest twist comes in the form of a new addition to the AHS: 1984 cast, Finn Wittrock. The Episode 9 promo reveals Wittrock will be part of the season's final episode, and fans are pumped for his arrival.

Wittrock first joined the AHS family in Season 4, Freak Show, during which he played the big bad Dandy Mott. He's also appeared in Hotel and Roanoke. However, it's his latest AHS role that has fans most fascinated. Warning: Spoilers for AHS: 1984 Episode 8 follow.

Considering Episode 9 is the season finale, Wittrock's role will likely be small. The promo shows him getting his mind totally blown when Montana and Trevor (who has presumably become a Redwood ghost), both ask him to kill them. When he doesn't comply, they kill themselves right in front of him, only to re-spawn immediately and totally freak him out. This all might just be a lighthearted way to bring back an old cast member for a scene of comedic relief... but what if there's more to it?

There's a theory circulating that AHS will have yet another time jump in the final episode, all the way up to present-day. This idea first came about when one of the show's makeup artists apparently said on Instagram that the season will have multiple time-jumps, including one to 2019.

You may not have noticed it at first, but the new promo makes the theory seem even closer to truth. Take a look at the video and see if you can spot why:

Notice what Wittrock's character is wearing. Considering all the ultra-'80s getups the other characters have been dressed in, it seems odd that he'd get such a modern outfit... unless he's from modern times. Because of this, people think Wittrock plays someone who travels to Redwood in 2019 and discovers the ghosts, many of whom are very literally stuck in the past.

But fans don't assume Wittrock is just anyone; there's now a theory circulating that says the actor is going to be playing a grown-up version of Mr. Jingles' son Bobby, who Jingles died trying to save from the Night Stalker. If he really is Bobby, this would mean Jingles was successful in protecting his son — at least until he decided to follow his dad to Redwood, that is.

Talk about full circle. Fans can tune in to FX at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13, to find out whether the theory is true.