'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Will Have Another Death, So Get Ready To Cry

ABC/Jack Rowand

Right from the start of the series, A Million Little Things has always had grief baked into its DNA. It all began with Jon's suicide, and the rest of Season 1 followed how the pain and mystery surrounding it impacted all the other characters. But after the questions about Jon's death finally got answers at the end of Season 1, fans were left wondering what the story of Season 2 would be. Well, there is finally a hint of what's to come, and it looks like fans can expect another character death. So, who dies in A Million Little Things Season 2? Apparently it's a character audiences have already met.

The central theme of A Million Little Things is right there in its title. The show follows a group of friends who support each other through all of life's complicated ups and downs. They realize life isn't just one thing; it's "a million little things." So it makes perfect sense that the series will continue to explore this theme as the characters explore more loss. Series creator DJ Nash told Deadline:

Issues we have been dealing with, like depression, suicide, and all the things that happen in life, will continue to affect this group. There is a death that happens this season, and we will see how the group rallies to support each other.

As far who will die, Nash didn't provide many details. But he did say the character is "someone you’ve seen."

Season 2 will also bring back some of the intrigue audiences came to know and love during Season 1. The major mysteries surrounding Jon's death were mostly solved at the end of Season 1, so Season 2 will introduce new questions involving different characters. Nash said to Deadline:

I have to say, going into Season 2, I was like, 'Oh, how do we do what we did first season the second season.' And we found a mystery that’s independent of Jon, so we’re playing that out. We found a really moving story. We found things to happen to the characters.

At the end of Season 1, the audience learned that Jon's suicide was tied to his guilty feelings about losing a friend during the events of Sept. 11. But there also might be more to the situation than the audience realizes. Nash based parts of Jon's story on his own friend's suicide, and he said that part of the grieving experience is that you never fully have all the answers. Nash explained that fans can expect to learn a little more about Jon as the series continues. He said:

The thing about suicide is, you never get to really know why someone did it for sure. As we said in the first season finale, as a loved one to someone who has died by suicide, you’re always trying to turn over that one stone that explains everything. But it's not one stone, it’s a bunch of stones stacked on top of each other. So we see things from Jon’s past, like 9/11 and his business investments, but it’s never going to be one thing.

The mysteries continue to unfold when Season 2 of A Million Little Things premieres on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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