The Crane Sisters Are In 'Iron Fist' Season 2, But Not In The Way Comic Fans Expect

by Ani Bundel

Iron Fist Season 1 introduced audiences to the world of K'un Lun, and the idea there are hidden cultures and unknown cities far removed from our present time period. Iron Fist Season 2 has taken that idea further, bringing some of these ancient practices and spiritual beliefs to New York City. Most of this has been through the character of Davos, who was introduced at the end of the first season of Iron Fist. But now he has arrived in NYC, and he has help. Who are The Crane Sisters in Iron Fist Season 2? Warning: Spoilers for Iron Fist Season 2 follow.

The first three episodes of Iron Fist Season 2 keep viewers in the dark about Davos' plans for Danny. It's pretty obvious he plans to steal the power of the Iron Fist from Rand and transfer it to himself, though exactly how he does this when K'un Lun and the dragon are missing is not clear. There's something about this bowl he's obsessed with getting from an auction house, there's a shipment he's willing to pay millions of dollars under the table to get into the docks, which turns out to have the body of a former Iron Fist inside it.

Finally, it all comes together in Episode 4, when he puts all the pieces of the ritual together, the skin from the body, the blood of Danny Rand, mixed together in this bowl and then tattooed on his body by these three women, who are revealed to be "The Crane Sisters."


As fans might remember from Season 1, the Order of the Crane Mother is part of the group that runs K'un Lun. Madame Gao was supposedly part of this order in Season 1. According to the comics, the Crane Mother was a ruler of the city who had a vendetta against an Iron Fist before Danny’s time. From then on, the Crane Mother was anti-Iron Fist in general, so when Davos came to her seeking revenge against Danny Rand for stealing his birthright, she made a pact to help him.

The show has gone with a variation on this story with the Crane Sisters. They are supposedly the daughters of the Crane Mother in the comics. Here it is less about some ancient spat from centuries ago than it is Davos came to these renown tattoo artists and asked for them to do this really creepy tattoo ritual for loads of cash.


The good news is, since the Crane Sisters are more into doing this for money and less due to long-standing vendettas, they can be made to switch sides easily. But because they're not as familiar with the whole K'un Lun scene, they're not exactly helpful in recreating the ritual.

They can totally tattoo Danny in a reverse passing of the fist if that's what's needed, but they couldn't tell you exactly how to make the divine ink Davos provided them with to create the Steel Serpent on his back. If, in fact, he could even find the ingredients.