Wright Twins

Here's What To Know About TikTok's Famous Twins, James & Jack Wright

Jack Wright on TikTok

The Hype House got even more entertaining the day James and Jack Wright entered. The twin brothers are all the rage on TikTok, and it seems like they have no plans to press pause on their internet fame anytime soon. At just 16 years old, the two are living life to the fullest both on and off TikTok. If you're wondering who James and Jack Wright are, I've got the details, and, let me just say, the boys are remarkably relatable.

The boys joined The Hype House in 2019, and both of their TikTok accounts quickly accrued millions of followers. Jack currently has 1.3 million while James has 670,000. Most of their videos feature both of them dancing together, but on occasion they fly solo.

James and Jack Wright were born on March 29, 2003, in California. Despite having a massive social media following and being a part of The Hype House, James and Jack continue to excel in high school sports. In 2018, James and Jack took first place in California in pole vault and discus, and both ended up as the top 5 in the nation.

Their proud dad raves about James and Jack's athletic accomplishments on Instagram all the time. "Great California Winter State track meet today!" he captioned a picture on Feb. 8. "Great Oak HS men and women both won the Winter State meet. James and Jack contributed to the team points with James getting 2nd in Weight and 4th in Shotput. Jack was 7th in Pole Vault. We are so proud of them!"

It's clear from Will's Instagram page that James and Jack are close with their parents, as well as their older brother, Thomas, who attends Yale University. Despite their rising influencer status, James and Jack remain extremely level-headed and spend a lot of time volunteering.

In August 2019, James and Jack took a trip with their dad to southeastern Germany where they helped find the bones of the three U.S. Army Aviators "who were killed when their B-17 aircraft was shot down by a German fighter plane in May of 1944," according to their father's IG post about their service.

From the looks of both James and Jack's Instagram pages, the two are true, light-hearted California boys at heart, but also love a good adventure. The two travel often, and snap epic pictures of their vacations.

While James and Jack are friends with some of TikTok's most famous stars like Charli D'amelio, Ashley Eastham, and Lil Huddy, they are also close and spend a lot of time with their high school classmates. From their Instagram, it appears they like attending high school dances with their pals, and are always dressed to the nines when they do so.

The two apparently have never not been close. Just check out this adorable childhood photo of them in which Jack captioned, "Since day 1."

I think it's safe to say that regardless of their future on TikTok, the Wright brothers have already proven they know how to balance life, work, and family without any trouble.