Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Cheating is not a nice thing to do. It's not good, it's not noble, but it does happen. It happens for a lot of different reasons, and in a lot of different ways, by many different people. Some people cheat because they want excitement, some cheat for revenge, some cheat because they're so dead inside, it's the only thing that makes them feel alive, and we call those people, "sex addicts." But which zodiac signs are cheaters? That's the question I'm tackling today, and I'm doing it without a shred of seriousness, because y'all have got to know at this point that the amount of sexual misconduct talk this week has been — to say the least — emotionally exhausting. So this is gonna turn that frown upside down, while still giving some insight to the nagging part of your brain that's wondering, "For real though, how would my Leo/Virgo/Pisces S.O. cheat on me?"

So here it is, the answer to the questions that burn deep inside your heart at night, the doubts that creep into your thoughts when you're wondering if it's worth the time effort and jaw pain of blowing a dude, the worries that keep you.... worried. You don't need the answers in the Bible when you have me. You're welcome. I am the new Jesus.

Aries- For The Thrill

Honestly, it's not that hard for an Aries to cheat. If you leave them stranded in their frustration or boredom for long, they'll cheat just to feel alive again. They need constant stimulation, and they'll do what they have to to get it. This sign excels at looking out for Number One, and guess what? You're Number Two.

Taurus- For The Money

If Taurus is going to cheat, they'll do it for more than just an emotional reason; they're easily seduced, and they need to be surrounded by nice things and soft lighting and gorgeous people. If you start trashing the home you share with them or suddenly threatening their security, they'll find someone who won't.

Gemini- For The Conversation

If you leave your Gemini feeling like they're talking to themselves, well, you have only yourself to blame. I mean to be honest they won't even notice for like a solid six months, because they're great at entertaining themselves, but do not f*ck with their gift for gab. They need a sounding board, and if you fail at that, they'll find someone else. You had ONE job.

Cancer- They Got Too Drunk

Cancer is loving, kind, protective, and fiercely loyal to the ones they love. If they cheat, it's probably because they got too drunk. If they don't drink, well, they obviously needed to get drunk on something — even if it was just getting drunk on attention. They want to be cared for, and if they feel you haven't been as caring as they have, they could turn on you, and it'll hurt.

Leo- They Needed The Attention

Leo wants to be admired, to be the number one priority, and if they don't feel that way, they'll express their hurt feelings passively... so passively that you might never even find out. They need an attention boost every now and again and they need to know you worship them. Please don't be an idiot and let them go because they are AMAZING in bed.

Virgo- They Just Found Someone Less Crazy

Virgos don't really enjoy a hell of a lot of emotional craziness. They need someone who is going to be stable, someone who can handle taking responsibility for their mistakes, someone who doesn't make them feel like a babysitter. If you treat your relationship as a dumping ground for your own problems, eventually they'll start feeling like trash, and go elsewhere.

Libra- To Even The Scales

Libra isn't one to cheat ever, unless of course you've hurt them so bad that the scales of justice require some... well, adjusting. Pun fully intended. Your Libra partner weighs every compromise, keeps tabs on who is giving more, and when they feel like they're being taken advantage of, they'll take matters into their own hands. Nobody puts Libra in a corner.

Scorpio- Honestly, Because They Feel Like It

Scorpios are a deep well, you could know them your whole life and still never truly know them. The desire to cheat could really come from anywhere, but mostly from feeling like they already know everything about you and there's not much more to discover. They need someone who will remain as much a mystery to them as they are to themselves.

Sagittarius- Because They Feel Trapped

Sagittarius needs freedom, they need adventure, and they need a partner who is as thirsty for new experiences as they are. The moment this relationship dies is the moment they begin to feel like you're stuck in a rut with them that they can't pull you out of. At that point, it's every man/woman for themselves — and they certainly aren't going to let you dim their shine.

Capricorn- Suppressing Their Desires

Capricorn is devoted to tradition, to stability, to the status quo. They strive to impress everyone around them with their ability to maintain control over themselves, but this habit rarely translates to their sexual desires. On the outside, they seem like they would never, ever cheat. But that's what makes them so likely to do it. If you're a freak in the bed, they'll never stray, but if you're not, they'll find one who is.

Aquarius- Because You Bossed Them Around

Aquarius is a fixed sign, meaning they're stuck in their ways, but being ruled by Uranus, this means they're unpredictable, and their "ways" are as well. Aquarius wants to be able to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. If you get caught up in a codependent cycle of constantly depending on them to fulfill your own life, nagging them about when they'll be home, what time, etc, they'll end it without even consulting you. They'll just move the f*ck on.

Pisces- They'll Say They're "Not Sure...."

Pisces, like Scorpio, is a water sign. Their emotions run incredibly deep, and in order to find the motivation behind their actions you'd need a professional therapist and a medical camera. There could be a million reasons for why they would cheat, but being the sign ruled by the house of secrets (kept from others and from themselves), they honestly wouldn't be able to tell you what they are. My advice is, if you're with a Pisces, make sure they're in therapy.