These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Year For Romance In 2018

by Cosmo Luce

With love, as with all other things, some years are better than others. If love were easy all of the time, then we wouldn't learn loss. And without knowing loss, we wouldn't be able to generate new growth. Some years are for falling in love, some years are for falling out of it, and some years are for being on your own. Depending on which signs have the best year for romance, it doesn't necessarily mean that 2018 will be the best year overall. Your love life is encapsulated in just one part of your birth chart. This might not be your year for love, but it could be the year you find out the most about yourself.

Of course, love teaches us about ourselves, too, and 2018 is going to hold some pretty extreme love lessons for these signs. The relationships that these signs experience in 2018 will be valuable ones that inform the rest of their dating life. If you are one of these signs, this is the year to meet your soulmate, explore a karmic relationship, and shake up everything that you thought you knew about your own heart. It's a good year for romance, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be easy, so strap yourself in and let's go for a ride.

1. Aquarius

Think about what you have learned about love in the last two-and-a-half years, Aquarius. How have you learned to keep yourself watered and nourished when you fall in love? In what ways have you limited yourself by thinking you need to know everything about the people you have been attracted to? How has your endless quest for the penultimate person restricted you from nourishing relationships along the way?

2018 will be your year to explore your relationships in a new way. The people you meet will give you room to expand your horizons in other arenas. You will learn how to see love as one puzzle piece in the beautiful picture that will be the rest of your life. Finally, this will be the year you stop trying to fit yourself into any notch that will have you and start waiting to see who is able to show up for you.

2. Scorpio

Think about the ways in which you have been undervalued in your previous relationships, Scorpio. In the past, your love life has triggered your soft underbelly and left you open to wounding. You've had previous partners suck out the marrow of your secretly tender heart and cast your exoskeleton aside. You have regenerated, but the deaths you have experienced before can make you ash out at new love.

In 2018, you will have nourishing partnerships that will allow you to see your own worth. No longer will you feel the need to question your own right to love. No longer will you feel yourself undeserving of tenderness when it comes to you. No longer will you find yourself suspicious of the abundance love offers you. This is the year you will learn that when you open yourself up to receiving nurturance, you are able to continue to give your partners your heart.

3. Capricorn

Saturn has returned to its home sign in Capricorn in 2018, and for you, Capricorn, that means you are going to start resolving some of your issues around the cost of love. This will be the year that you learn that in love, Capricorn, you have nothing to prove. Love is not about being the highest achiever. Love is not about constantly striving until you prove yourself right.

2018 can give you the gift of coming to someone with all of your flaws exposed, Capricorn, and seeing the flaws of that someone else in turn. This is the year that you can discover that the miracle of love is that the feeling can keep growing in spite of these flaws.

4. Pisces

Pisces, this is the year that you stop seeing yourself in service to love and start seeing how love has served you. Over the last two-and-a-half years, Saturn has thrown up all sorts of barriers to the romantic life you wanted for yourself. You may have found yourself in completely dependent partnerships. You may have felt like these partnerships weren't your true path.

In fact, Pisces, this entire time, the universe has been giving you what you need. Rather than seeing the current of love as something that is working against you, start to watch what happens when you surrender to the flow.

5. Leo

Leo, this is the year that love will have you drop the pridefulness display. Sometimes, you actually have to ask people for help. Sometimes, you find that a partner can't give you everything. You might have thought that you already knew that lesson in your heart. This year will prove that as wise as you might think you are, you don't actually know everything about love.

In 2018, you're going to find new people coming in who have lots of information to provide you about the ways in which you approach love and relationships. Knowing you, you will probably fight these lessons tooth and nail. You'll do well to preserve your strength by taming your passion, my lion friend, and tempering that blaze into a slow and steady flame.

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