Where To Get The Vans x 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Collection For Super Frightful Feet

by Kelsi Zimmerman

Fans of the cult-classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas have likely heard the news that skateboard sneaker brand Vans announced earlier this week that they will be releasing a new collection inspired by the movie. And while the details surrounding the drop are still limited at this point, some information like where To Get The Vans x The Nightmare Before Christmas collection, is starting to leak.

For starters, the collection of sneakers will be available on where you can currently sign up to receive notifications about its upcoming launch. The sneakers are expected to drop on Oct. 31 AKA Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year. However, Aside from Van's original Instagram post announcing the collection, the brand has remained pretty quiet about what all we can expect. Fans on the internet, however, sure have a lot of thoughts on what is to come.

The Instagram account @disneynews55 posted a few leaked images of the soon-to-be released collection, including the four different sneaker styles that you can expect. According to the Instagram, the collection will include the Sk8-Hi, Authentic, Old Skool, and Slip-On styles. Each pair will draw inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas characters including Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogi Boogie, and Zero; the pet ghost dog.

If you're familiar with the film then you know that it's full of monsters, ghosts, gouls, goblins, zombies, mummies, vampires, and witches — oh my. Well, for as dark as the film may be, it actually doesn't come as a surprise that the alleged sneakers will feature a bright color palette with just the right amount of thematic detailing. The sneakers will be covered in shades like lime green, neon purple, red, black, and white — all inspired by the scenery in Halloween Town.

According to Hypebeast and Sneaker Politics, the sneakers are expected to cost $70 for the low-rise styles, and $75 for the Sk8-Hi. As far as the individual designs of each shoe, both sites also shared that the Sk8-Hi features black suede toes and tongues with prints of Sally, Zero, and the Zombie Band on each side, with the line “Nice work, bone daddy” line dotted inside the leather heel. And then, the Slip-On features a plastic appliqué of Jack Skellington’s bowtie, complete with matching stripes surrounding the white canvas uppers and black suede heel.

These sneakers are likely exactly the type of Halloween-esque Christmas presents that Jack tried to deliver to the world: spooky yet bright and full of character. So if you're anything like Jack and Halloween is your favorite time of year, then I'd be sure to follow Vans on Instagram and sign up to receive notifications via the website in order to receive news about the launch. After all, much of what is being said on the internet is speculation by excited fans, but by signing up for notifications you'll be able to receive confirmed updates first-hand. So while you get your Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating bags ready for the holiday, you should also prepare your feet and bank accounts for this new drop.