The New Disney x ColourPop Collection Will Help You Look Like Royalty

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of ColourPop

Disney and ColourPop are teaming up for their third collaboration and it's just as magical as the previous two. The latest collab is dubbed the Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Collection and features products that include all of the Disney princesses that were included in the Disney Designer Collection Midnight Masquerade Doll Set. That means that you can expect makeup inspired by Belle, Tiana, Esmeralda, Rapunzel, Megara, Cinderella, Aurora, and Giselle. If royal makeup sounds right up your alley and you're wondering where to get the new Disney x ColourPop Collection, then read on because I've got all of the details for you.

The collection of blushes, highlighters, lippies, and an eyeshadow palette will be launching on on Monday, Oct. 7, and at and at Ulta on Sunday, Oct. 13.

Each of the eight princesses included in the collection have their own shade of a whipped Lux Liquid Lip Lipsticks inspired by their signature look. In addition to the liquid lippies, each princess also has either a blush or highlighter inspired by their individual glow. And of course, the packaging for all products are embossed with the respective princess.

The eyeshadow palette is a 15-pan palette inspired by all eight of the princesses and features shades in matte, shimmer, and glittery finishes.

See below for a closer look at each of the majestic pieces that are fit for a princess.

Midnight Masquerade Palette

As mentioned, this 15-pan eyeshadow palette is inspired by each magical princess in the collection. There's shades like "Floating Lantern," a rose gold shimmer, "Merryweather," a midnight blue matte, and "Enchanted," a rust orange matte hue.

The Entire Midnight Masquerade Magic Set

You can cop the entire set of the eight blushes/highlighters, eyeshadow palette, and eight liquid lippies all for $166, which comes to less than $10 a product. Basically, that's a pretty magical steal.

Lux Liquid Lip

Each princess in the collection gets their own Lux Liquid Lipstick, it has a medium buildable coverage that creates a soft, diffused look. The formula contains a soft blend of antioxidant rich ingredients, pomegranate, goji fruit, and grape seed extract to nourish lips and keep them soft and ready to kiss any toad. Tiana's signature shade is a burnt orange red.

Topsy Turvy Kit

If you don't want to buy the entire collection but rather channel one specific princess' signature look, you can buy each person's compact and liquid lippie duo. Esmeralda’s signature makeup kit includes the Phoebus Lux Liquid Lip which is a raspberry shade, and Court of Miracles Blush Compact which is a coral blush.

In addition to blushes, other princesses in the collection like Cinderella, offer a pearlescent highlighters, depending on their look.

Whether Cinderella is your idol, you're obsessed with Tiana, or you want to dabble in makeup from all eight princesses, you can do so starting Monday, Oct. 7. And to be honest, that is really perfect timing as what better time than Halloween season to embrace your royal beauty with brand new Disney princess-inspired makeup.