I Don't Need Anything Like I Need The Harry Styles x Alessandro Michele 'Fine Line' Tee

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I'm sorry to interrupt your 72-hour Fine Line bender (just me?), but Harry Styles just said f*ck your sleep and your wallet (in a very kind way, of course) yet again, this time with the release of the limited-edition Harry Styles x Alessandro Michele Fine Line t-shirt. Considering Styles and the Gucci Creative Director typically collaborate on clothing the rest of us can only marvel at from afar, this merch comes as a welcomed gift to fans. A portion of the proceeds from each tee will also be donated to the Global Fund for Women, an organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of women around the world.

The Harry Styles x Alessandro Michele Fine Line Tee comes in white and boasts a black-and-red, simplistic line drawing: a dripping arrow heart with Harry Styles written in the center, a "fine" line through his last name, and the album name printed on either side of the heart. It's an artistic step away from your typical album-cover-on-a-shirt tour merch. Although Styles' album cover, photographed by the inimitable Tim Walker, is a whole ass mood, so you can't go wrong with either.

The HS x AM tee is unisex, retails for $75, and comes in sizes S to XXL. Sadly, it isn't expected to ship until January 2020, but it is available for preorder right now. Each order also includes a digital download of the entire Fine Line album:

Styles and Michele have collaborated on a number of projects for quite some time. The "Adore You" singer was the face of multiple Gucci tailoring campaigns and Gucci's Memoire D'une Odeur fragrance. The former saw Styles in a variety of eclectic Gucci ensembles as he held farm animals, and the latter featured Styles engaged in a very Midsommar-esque gathering in a field. No, I didn't just make up either of those scenarios. 2019's creative direction knows no bounds, and it's wonderful.

Earlier this year, the two co-hosted the 2019 Met Gala. Both were, obviously, dressed in head-to-toe Gucci — Michele in a color-shifting, shimmery pink ensemble and Styles in an all-black outfit with a sheer black lace top and ultra-high-waisted pants. As they laughed walking along the pink carpet, they looked like old friends. According to Styles, that's exactly what they are. "We text what friends text about," he told The Face in a September 2019 interview. "He is the same [as me] in terms of he lives in his own world and he does his own thing. I love dressing up and he loves dressing up.”

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Though you and I may never be a part of what seems to be an incredibly joyous and fruitful relationship between Styles and Michele, at least we can now reap the benefits. Preorder the Harry Styles x Alessandro Michele Fine Line Tee now on Harry Styles' online shop or risk crying to "Falling" sans t-shirt forever.