The Baddie Winkle x INC.redible Cosmetics Collection Has Rainbows, Good Vibes, & A Boob Sheet Mask

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Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

Looking to spice up your beauty routine? I often get inspo from the people I follow on social media, and Baddie Winkle, the 90-year-old Internet sensation I literally can't get enough of, is finally blessing me with some products that channel her BBE, or bad betch energy! If you've heard the news and are wondering where to get the Baddie Winkle x INC.redible Cosmetics Collection, please join me in a discussion on both why Baddie Winkle is the greatest and how to snag the three fun products she gave her baddie seal of approval.

When I'm 90, I hope to be even half as cool as Baddie Winkle, who entertains her 3.8 million Instagram followers on the daily with bold outfits, wild makeup, positivity, and tons of sass. TBH, I'd be happy to be even half as cool as her right now, at age 24. Teach me your ways, Baddie! Obviously, I'm not the only die-hard fan, as Winkle has teamed up with INC.redible Cosmetics to drop the No Bad Days Collection, a three-piece line of products made with Winkle herself in mind. With the hashtag #beyourbaddestself, the line intends to serve up good vibes and good beauty looks. A win win, obvi.

The collab is exclusive to Sephora and drops on June 6 in the United States:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

Oh, and in case the collab wasn't amazing enough already, Winkle and INC.redible Cosmetics will be giving back, too:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

During Pride month, INC.redible Cosmetics vows to donate 5% of all sales from the No Bad Days Collection to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to helping the younger members of the LGBTQ+ community. Love that!

Now, let's talk about the products. First up is the Baddie's Got The Gold Highlighter Palette, which will retail for $18:

Yup, it's quite literally Winkle's face:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

Goals. Described by the brand as containing "dreamy shimmer hues for a high beam payoff," the palette appears to have six different shades in the mix: lilac, nude, baby pink, mauve, bronzy burgundy, and just a hint of gold in those sunnies.

This is honestly so major, I want one to use and one just to look at:

Moving right along, Winkle's love for the 1990s is apparent with the Rolling It Back Gloss, which will retail for $10. Rollerball glosses were everything back then:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

How cute does she look posing with it? So fierce:

So cute! And considering INC.redible Cosmetics already carries a well-loved roller gloss, it's safe to say the formula will be bomb. Winkle's version is strawberry scented, and promises hydration and shine.

Plus, it looks great on the 'Gram, in true Winkle fashion:

Last but not least is Double Perks, a boob sheet mask that will retail for $9:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

Why am I so excited by this? I need to try it ASAP:

Courtesy of INC.redible Cosmetics

To be clear, I'm fairly certain Winkle would be the first person to clarify that an aging body is beautiful regardless, but this sheet mask boasts vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to "firm, brighten, and moisturize" the tatas. So cute! The ~sheet mask~ is basically two separate rainbows.

TBH, it looks like a ton of fun:

Honestly, this collab is all positive, fun, rainbow vibes, and I couldn't be more here for it. If you're in the U.S., you can snag it exclusively on Sephora's site June 6, and if you're in the UK, be sure to follow the brand's Instagram for more info on when the No Bad Days Collection is headed your way.

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