Here's Where To Get Kesha Rose Beauty To Put That Glitter On Your Eyes

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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If you're old enough to remember when Kesha rocked a blue glitter eye star and matching lipstick, then it probably didn't surprise you when she recently announced she's dropping a makeup line. Kesha's new makeup collection, which she claims is more about expressing yourself than it is about beauty, is set to drop on Tuesday, Dec. 3. And the details about where to get Kesha Rose Beauty, what's in it, and even more will have you ready to throw some glitter and make it rain.

Kesha teamed up with already-existing brand HipDot, a cosmetics brand known for its boldly-colored collections, to create Kesha Rose Beauty, so come Dec. 3, you'll be able to cop the collection exclusively on HipDot's website. The collection will launch with the FTW Eyeshadow Palette, a round 12-pan eyeshadow palette that retails for $36; Whatever Wherever Wands, two dual-ended liquid liners that retail for $28 for both; and the $26 duo featuring the Raising Hell Lipstick and That B*tch Lip Gloss, which boasts a formula that changes color based on pH levels.

Hardcore Kesha fans can take advantage of two different product bundle options: the $120 Collector's Box, the full collection in a limited edition box with a special note from Kesha, and the $90 I Want It All Collection, which includes the entire collection without the aforementioned collector's box and note.

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Before all of the details surrounding Kesha Rose Beauty were announced, the singer spilled the news about the collection in an interview with Refinery29. "I don’t even really like using the word ‘beauty’ because it’s more about expressing yourself,” Kesha told the publication. “It’s about redefining what beauty means to you. Beautiful is happiness and happiness is beautiful, so that’s what I am trying to encourage with the makeup line and with the record."

Ultimately, Kesha hopes her playful line inspired people to think beyond traditional beauty standards. "Perfect is not real, and normal is boring," Kesha said in the promotional video. "When you get my makeup, I just want you to have fun."

By the looks of the promo materials, the singer had plenty of fun creating the beauty beats she wore throughout. In the video above, you'll see Kesha took her signature blonde locks to a dark, chocolatey brown, rocked lavender eyeshadow, sported a bold red lip, and, of course, wore lots and lots of glitter.

Whether you can't wait to cop Kesha's eyeshadow palette so you can put that glitter on your eyes, or if it's one of the lippies that you're after, you can sign up to receive even more info about the launch on HipDot's website.

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