Kesha Rose Beauty Is Happening, & The Products Are Colorful & Bold

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If you've been around since the dollar sign days (back when Kesha was known as Ke$ha), you've likely been waiting years for for the singer to announce some sort of makeup line. Be it a blue lip, an excess of glitter, or a perfectly freckled complexion, Kesha has always been known to make a statement with her beauty look, and it was only a matter of time before she blessed everyone with some of her makeup creativity in product form. Fortunately, Kesha Rose Beauty is coming, and to quote the lyrics from "Timber," it's going down.

Beauty brand HipDot is known for dropping colorful, unique eyeshadow palettes with to-die-for formulas, and they'll be producing Kesha Rose Beauty. Sold exclusively on the HipDot site, Kesha's range will feature five brand-new products, and according to Kesha's statements in the promo video, they're all about getting creative. "I think beauty is all about what's inside your soul," said Kesha in the video. "I'm just an aura in a skin suit — but I do like to decorate it."

The promo photos are stunning, featuring a dark-haired Kesha with lilac eyes and a red lip:

Courtesy of HipDot

"Perfect is not real, and normal is boring. When you get my makeup, I just want you to have fun," Kesha continued in the video, throughout which she sports several fun makeup looks that I can only assume feature products from the range.

Look at this purple under-eye glitter and try to tell me Kesha wasn't the original creator of Euphoria makeup:


And get a load of this rainbow eye:


Lastly, she sports a heavy black wing and a red lip for some grunge-y Hollywood vibes:


The entire collection drops Dec. 3 on the HipDot site, featuring the FTW Eyeshadow Palette with 12 celestial-inspired shades, four shades of Whatever Wherever Wands liquid eyeliner, and a Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo including the Raising Hell Red Lipstick and the That B*tch Lip Gloss. Needless to say, I'll be buying it all. Team Kesha for life!

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