ColourPop's 'Sailor Moon' Collection Will Fill You With So Much Nostalgia

Courtesy of ColourPop

Nostalgia-addled ‘90s kids and anime fans, I have exciting news for you. ColourPop dropped an eight-piece Sailor Moon collection, including an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, and blush compacts. Decorated with images of the teenager-turned-Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino with her iconic heart-eyes and her cat Luna, this collection will launch you straight back into your childhood. You can see it all now on, and you can cop the entire set for less than $100.

According to ColourPop, Sailor Moon has been one of their most requested collabs ever. So, sadly, as of right now, that means the collection is pretty much entirely sold out, but news of a restock may be coming soon, so don’t be a crybaby. If you can’t contain your excitement, you can sign up with your email on the brand's website to be notified of any restock news. No matter which Sailor was your favorite, there is a look for you.

The Guardian Shadow palette ($20, ColourPop) will send you right back to all of your favorite plotlines in the show. The packaging is lenticular, so the image changes as you move it around, in true ‘90s fashion. With glitters like Mare Serenitatis, Luna, and more, you’ll glimmer like the night sky. There are also matte and metallic pastels in pink, peach, purple, and yellow, all with names reminiscent of the anime.

The collection also features two lip bundles. Daylight ($15, ColourPop) is perfect for hitting up the arcade, going to brunch, and shopping around. Featuring Moon Tiara Ultra Glossy Lip, a yellow-orange gloss with pink and gold accents, and Usagi Ultra Blotted Lip, a soft pink, you can go from glass lip to flushed with the stroke of a brush. You can also get these two products separately for $8 each.

Just like Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon at night, you need a look for the darker hours of the day. The Moonlight Bundle ($15, ColourPop) features Sailor Moon Ultra Glossy Lip, a coral with gold shimmer, and Bun Head Ultra Blotted Lip, a sheer, matte, pink lip. According to the brand, the products are moisturizing and promise not to crack even under the worst monster attacks.

A crybaby always has perfectly flushed cheeks, and now you can, too. ColourPop’s Cat’s Eye Pressed Powder Blush ($12, ColourPop) not only has Luna pressed inside the powder, but it provides a rosy natural flush à la Tuxedo Mask. With silver overtones, Cat’s Eye adds a slight sheen to your cheeks.

If you prefer a matte finish to your blush, From the Moon ($12, ColourPop) has you covered. The vibrant pink pigment matches Usagi’s when faced with Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon is nothing without Moon Prism Power ($9, ColourPop). This glitter gel packs a shimmery punch in a soft lilac color and has flecks of moon-shaped glitter to add that Luna power. The Moonlight Legend Glitter Gel ($9, ColourPop), on the other hand, is a pink glitter paste made for long wear. With many different sizes of glitter, this gel is multidimensional to bring the most intense sparkle.

Recently, ‘90s TV shows have resurged in a big way, largely thanks to fashion and beauty collabs. Sailor Moon, in particular, has had a moment in the spotlight — and not just with the current ColourPop line. In January 2020, Skechers revamped their D’Lites silhouette with the Sailor Guardians in mind, though it’s currently only available in Singapore. Sailor Moon is not only one of the most iconic animes of all time, but it also blanketed pretty much the entirety of the ‘90s. Running from ’92 through ’97, no other show captures the vibe of that decade the same way Sailor Moon does.

So whether you’re an anime aficionado, nostalgic for your childhood, or lover of vintage, check out the collection below, and become the prettiest guardian of the universe.