Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips 2 Collection Is Here, & The Shades Named After 11 Beauty Icons

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Out of all the brands that first sparked my interest in beauty, teen me valued Charlotte Tilbury as the elite when it came go luxury products. The packaging, the lipstick shades, the dreamy, creamy formulas — you couldn't tell me there was anything in the world more chic than my heavily-applied Pillow Talk Lipstick. To this day, I still hold the brand's luxe lip products in high esteem, which is why I started researching where to get Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips 2 Collection the second I heard a round two was launching. Praise the lipstick-loving, girl power gods! This time around, the brand is serving up 11 new shades, five stunning cases, and a donation to an incredible cause.

TBH, this collection came out of nowhere for me, and I couldn't imagine a more exciting surprise. I was simply scrolling theough my Instagram feed, when a post from Charlotte Tilbury popped up featuring some incredible packaging I'd not yet seen. "I have designed FIVE MAGICAL cases for my most collectible, iconic collection EVER..." the legendary MUA wrote on Instagram, "And for the first time, my Hot Lips 2 lipsticks will be available in REFILLABLE packaging!!"

Hiiii, refillable packaging, I can't wait to buy you!

What an unexpected thrill! And after seeing all the new shades, my excitement has only grown. All in all, CT will be launching 11 new shades, each one inspired by a strong, incredible woman (And this time around, one man, too!). Along with the new collection, the brand is pledging to donate £1 million to Women for Women International, an organization devoted to helping female war survivors prosper. The only thing I love more than a good lipstick is the opportunity to give back, and CT has blessed us with both. See why I love this brand so much?

Now, let's talk about the lippies themselves:

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Above, you'll find "Amazing Amal," named for Amal Clooney, "Angel Alessandra," named for Alessandra Ambrosio, "Carina’s Star," named for Carina Lau, "Enigmatic Edward," named for Edward Enninful, "Glowing Jen," named for Jennifer Aniston, "Viva La Vergara," named for Sofia Vergara, "In Love With Olivia," named for Olivia Palermo, "JK Magic," named for J.K. Rowling, "Dancefloor Princess," named for Kylie Minogue, "Red Hot Susan," named for Susan Sarandon, and last but certainly not least, "Patsy Red," named after Tilbury's own mother, Patsy Tilbury. Major "aww" alert.

Check out these swatches — so gorgeous:

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

“When I created this range, I wanted to create a new colour world for everyone – looking for gaps in the colour spectrum and mixing the most nuanced, super flattering, super wearable shades!" explained Tilbury in a press release about the new collection. "These shades have super powers, they look incredible on everyone!" she insisted, adding, "I always envision the colour and texture, and how they complement each other to make the shade even more unique and incredible.” Safe to say she nailed it, as this range is super wearable, but still special in so many ways.

I really love the refillable cases, too. Here's all five designs:

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

BTW, if you're curious about how these work, each lipstick is purchasable for $37 in its predetermined packaging, but they're all suitable to be refilled with any of the shades for $25, so once you finish up your first bullet, you can get creative and mix and match cases and colors. Fun! The entire collection will be available for purchase on the Charlotte Tilbury website on June 20.